The Sandbox: Project Update

The Sandbox is approaching the release of the first phase of The Sandbox Marketplace as they have now fully connected all the elements of The Sandbox gaming platform. As the next update of VoxEdit will allow exporting both static and animated assets to the Marketplace, the game will be ready to launch through the Marketplace.

The population of thousands of artist-created assets on The Sandbox is almost complete, and the release of the blockchain full release will come soon after as they keep adopting the latest features of the blockchain ecosystem.

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The Sandbox Game

Avatar added to the 3rd person camera

As The Sandbox game will allow players to terraform lands using a special tool to modify the terrain, their development team has been working on a third-person view camera to allow users to customize their land as they see fit.

While the first-person camera offers an immersive view of the game, the third-person view will allow users to modify their land and create game experiences more easily, since it will offer a wider perspective that will be helpful for the purposes of creation.

Creators will also have the possibility of creating game experiences that can only be played utilizing a first- or third-person camera view to suit their gameplay purposes.

Asset rotation and flipping features

The Sandbox will allow users to terraform land with a special tool for modifying the terrain. Apart from this specialized tool, the placement of assets (whether created through VoxEdit or acquired through the Marketplace) will also be a key factor for customizing and creating unique lands. Accordingly, they have recently added a feature that will allow players to place their assets in their land, modify the position and angle if desired, and align the assets to fit their creations and terrain customization.


As they make the final tweaks for the release of the first phase of The Sandbox Marketplace, they are working to reduce any steps that create friction for non-crypto users who are looking for very simple and accessible user-experiences. They are integrating all the key elements of our gaming platform as they focus on closing the accessibility gap between traditional games and blockchain-based games.

The Marketplace will contain various categories to filter thousands of assets that artists will begin to upload as soon as it becomes available. You will be able to filter by the different biomes, categories, and types — such as static or animated — or look just for avatars in a special section.

You will also be able to launch the game from the Marketplace, as well as exchange SAND or choose one of the thousand of lands available in The Sandbox.



Multiple Keyframe Stretch

As they keep developing features to enhance the artist’s experience with the editor, one of the latest features added in the new update is the Multiple Keyframe Stretch, which will facilitate the customization and creation of animations within VoxEdit. Improving how fluid and dynamic animations will be within the editor, this key feature will speed up and facilitate the process of asset customization.

This feature will provide an easy way to select multiple frames from one or various bones to accelerate of slow down any animations, making possible an easy tool to test and customize animations without the need to modify frame by frame.

Exporting to the Marketplace


The latest addition to VoxEdit will allow the assets and animations created within the editor to be exported directly to the Marketplace. Although this first version of the marketplace will remain off chain until the release of the blockchain version, the artists will be able to create an account to upload their assets.

As it is now, only artists who joined them through the creator fund can upload their assets, but you can apply today right here:

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