The Sandbox: Project Update 2

After a week of constant development of The Sandbox with a main objective of integrating all the parts of the project — The Sandbox game, the Marketplace, and VoxEdit — we have been working on final tweaks to unify the ecosystem

We will be listing some of the key development and overall progress accomplished this week.

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The Sandbox Game

Base avatars

Avatars are one of the most important points where users will see the parameters for possible customization within The Sandbox Ecosystem, and we’ve created the base avatar templates that users will be able to utilize as a starting point for customizing and creating their own characters. By setting up pre-established margins, which everyone will be able to follow within the avatar system currently being on development in VoxEdit, we will ensure a rich array of avatars with compatible parts that can be easily exchanged.

Terrain blocks

After finishing the definition, features, and general art style of the terrain that Players can encounter in their land, we have created the blocks of land that will be found within the same biomes. These blocks have been created taking into account the particular style that will differentiate each of the biomes, creating a wide variety and expanding the limits of possible customization in the hands of users.

Asset verification

Being one of the main objectives of the Marketplace, we have completed the development that allows the verification of the assets stored to the wallet associated with the user’s Marketplace account, allowing a direct connection between platforms.



While working on the final steps of the first phase of The Sandbox Marketplace that will be initially available to artists to begin the upload of the thousands of assets created so far, we have establish roles to classify the different users that will be utilizing the Marketplace, such as Artists, Moderators, and Administrators.

Admin Page

To ensure the quality of assets that will populate the Marketplace, we have established an Admin role alongside a revision page. Admins will be reviewing the initial assets created by artists that have joined through the Creator Fund, with a goal of guaranteeing top quality in the first NFTs that users will encounter as they first enter the Marketplace. Once the platform is fully released to the public, this role will be in charge of reviewing new assets to ensure they follow standard content norms.


Library Options

This latest addition will facilitate the use of assets within the rigger, allowing duplicating, renaming, and editing of the models that are part of the skeleton. This is useful for working with new models that need a rig to animate them.

Global/Local mode tweaks

Toward the objective of providing the necessary tools to create dynamic and fluid animations, this latest feature will ensure a fluent customization of the models that make up a skeleton. Local mode isolates the selected model, so that it’s the only one to move, rotate, or escalate.

Creator Fund

With over 1000 assets created by the 50+ artists who has recently join us through our fund, we are getting closer to the release of our Marketplace, and with that, many other amazing news that we are eager to share with you! Take a look at some of the amazing creations made by The Sandbox artists!
As we come close to 2,000 assets created to populate the Sandbox Marketplace, the artists that have join us through the Creator Fund will soon begin uploading their assets. As we finish the final tweaks for the release of the first phase of the platform regarding the blockchain part of the project, artists will be able to turn their assets into NFTs. We’ll have more updates next week!

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