The Perfect Storm: GamerToken partners with eSports legends, Tempo Storm

“With GamerToken, the esports genre is taking the next step towards other professional leagues, in which collecting or trading memorabilia items like basketball jerseys with fellow fans is already commonplace,”

— CEO of Tempo Storm, Andrey “reynad” Yanyuk

One of the biggest developments for GamerToken has remained a secret for too long, but now we are finally able to share the news of our latest partnership with international eSports team, Tempo Storm.

Originally starting as a Hearthstone team founded by Andrey “reynad” Yanyuk out of his own pocket, Tempo Storm now stands among the most well-known esports franchises. Having expanded with additional teams in leading titles like Fortnite, Heroes of the Storm, CS:GO, PUBG, H1Z1, World of Warcraft, and the fighting game community, the globally-reaching brand features some of the best competitors and broadcast personalities in the world.

Tempo Storm streamers and pro players will be promoting GamerToken Marketplace supported games on their live streams, as well as upcoming exclusive, non-fungible skins created in honor of their professional players.

With all its various championship titles, Tempo Storm operates as much more than just an esports team — Tempo Storm is one of the largest esports media companies in the world. Its Hollywood studio produces innovative, cutting-edge content including events, eSports tournaments, as well as a variety of gaming news, tools and videos, for one of the highest-trafficked websites in the space, Tempo Storm also continues to deliver best-in-class live streams with its proprietary mobile production abilities.

But the news doesn’t end there.

We are also delighted to announce that GamerToken will be integrated with Tempo Storm’s upcoming trading card game, The BazaarUnique hero skins and game board items will be issued as non-fungible tokens in limited quantities and can be bought, designed and traded by players on the GamerToken Marketplace. These items can then be transferred into the game and used by players. Reynad is confident that blockchain technologies, such as GamerToken, will have a strong impact on the entire esports scene.

The Bazaar is a deckbuilding game set in an intergalactic marketplace in which several classes can be played using all available published cards and built on a truly free-to-play model. It will feature unique gameplay, with each round starting from scratch, where players can buy different cards during the match that make them more powerful, kill monsters that drop rewards, and eventually use the strongest deck to defeat opponents.

Reynad recently released a new video outlining the current progress of the game as they push towards creating their final iteration of The Bazaar. He provides a lot of insights into where they are going and how ideas like balance and keeping unique characters viable will come into play. It’s well worth the watch, and if you have been eager for the latest updates for The Bazaar then tune in and leave a comment!

We’re incredibly proud of our team and honoured to be able to join forces with such a powerhouse in the gaming and eSports community. Combining that with the latest game integration with The Bazaar, this is incredible for GamerToken and our community!

We also want to thank our dedicated fans for crafting the GamerToken community into a group of passionate, resourceful and supportive members, making us want to push the limits even further to create the best gaming and blockchain ecosystem possible.

We have many more announcements to come; keep an eye out here on our Medium blog and remember to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Twitter for the latest news!

Power to the Gamers.

The GamerToken Team

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