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The New Adventures In The Decentralized Game ETHEREMON  —  Presale Starts 26th May

If you keep up with decentralized applications, you might have heard of ETHEREMON, one of the first games built on the Ethereum network. ETHEREMON creates a world in which MonSeekers, the players, can capture, train and bring their Ether Monsters (Mons) to battles. More than just a new entertainment platform, ETHEREMON’s mission is to set the foundation for a revolution in gaming, where players have full ownership over their game assets.

Entering its second stage of development, ETHEREMON is launching the long-awaited Adventure Mode. Let’s take a look at this new features and what it has in store for MonSeekers and crypto investors.

Adventure Mode

Players can now send their Mons to explore the 108 Adventure Sites in the ETHEREMON world and collect astounding rewards.

To start an adventure, MonSeeker select a Mon and pay an adventure fee (either in ETH or EMONT). Adventure fee is the ticket to access to Adventure Mode. This fee is collectively determined by the true owners of the Adventure Sites.

The selected Mon will be sent on a spontaneous adventure to one of the sites. After 30 minutes to 1 hour of adventure, the Mon returns with rewards and a photo from the trip.

With every adventure, Mons can bring home one of these rewards, from the most common to the most exquisite:

– EMONT (ETHEREMON in-game currency)

– EXP boxes (for increased experience point)

– Booster shards (permanent boost for a Mon’s Battle Power)

– Level-up pill

– Mysterious Mons (time to hunt Legendary Mons)

The Rewards for Adventure Hosts

The number of Adventure Sites in the world of ETHEREMON remains at 108 permanently. Each of these sites will be co-hosted by 10 players. The ownership of each site is an ERC-721 token, like a Mon, which can be freely traded to anyone.

The hosts of an Adventure Site will be rewarded every time a Mon embarks on a journey at their site. 90% of the adventure fee will be equally distributed among the site’s owners. The remaining 10% will go to ETHEREMON development team for contract maintenance.

Adventure Sites Pre-sale

54 Adventure Sites will be released in this Pre-Sale event. That means 540 slots are up for grab to become an adventure host.

Sites will be auctioned in ETH or EMONT. MonSeekers can now put their hard-earned EMONT to good use.

The Pre-sale will follow an auction-like process, with the starting bid placed at 0.5 ETH or 250 EMONT. The next bid must be at least 0.05 ETH or 50 EMONT higher than the lowest bid among the top 10 bids (the 10th bid). In the event that 2 bids have the same amount, the earlier bid will be considered higher bid. At the end of the Pre-sale, the top 10 bidders of each site will become the sites’ hosts.

Early bidders can claim 100- or 50-EMONT rewards. In order not to miss our this chance, mark the date now!

Pre-Sale starts 00.00 UTC, 26 May 2018 and is only open for registered users. Register NOW on the Official Pre-Sale Page to be whitelisted for the event.

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