The Future of Gaming: Play time = Paid time @ 9Lives Arena

Earn money by using 9Lives Arena blueprints to create and sell unique in-game armor, weapon, and shield skins backed by Enjin Coin (ENJ).

Blueprints: Earn Money in the Arena

Skins have become one of the most lucrative aspects of the gaming industry, with games like Fortnite earning an estimated $2.4 billion last year.

As vanity items, skins allow players to set themselves apart from the crowd.

9Lives Arena is proud to be the first game to let players in on the monetization of skins.

Now, players can turn their gameplay time into paid time with blueprints.

What are blueprints?

Blueprints are blockchain-based crafting recipes that enable players to craft items based on that blueprint.

Blueprints are like owning a franchise.

By purchasing a rare blueprint from our store, you become one of the very few players in the world that can manufacture and sell items based on that blueprint—effectively making you a retailer for a specific armor piece or weapon skin.

As a blueprint holder, you can craft an unlimited number of items from that blueprint as you wish, so you can use them on your own heroes, give them to friends, or sell them to other players.

Via the 9Lives Arena founders store, players can purchase limited-edition blueprints for in-game weapon, armor, shield, and head skins. All of the blueprints available on our store are extremely rare, with some limited to a supply as low as 49.

So, for example, in a player-base of 200,000, a blueprint limited to 200 would only be owned by 0.1% of the player-base.

We aim to reach 1 million players on Steam within 12 months after launch, as well as to port 9Lives Arena onto PlayStation and Xbox. Blueprints will function across all of these platforms, with the potential to reach a much wider audience.

And as our player-base increases in the future, these blueprints will only increase in rarity and value.

Only 99 limited-edition Red Samurai Set Blueprints will ever be sold.

As a competitive game, 9Lives Arena stays away from any kind of pay-to-win mechanic. As such, all blueprints are completely neutral by design.

They do not offer additional stats over the base blueprints everyone gets, but they do provide very rare, unique options.

Shop | 9lives Arena

Purchase utility NFTs that can be used in 9Lives Arena game

How can you earn money with blueprints?

Monetizing your 9Lives Arena blueprints is simple:

  1. Purchase a blueprint from the 9Lives Arena shop.
  2. Use the blueprint to create custom skins in-game.
  3. Sell those skins to other players.

How do blueprints work?

Check out this in-depth video to see how blueprints work in the game.

Watch to see more details about blueprints and how you can make money from them

Meet Ooogy: The Best Employee You’ll Ever Have

Ooogy: Your Employee of the Month (every month)

Ooogies are companions and basically serve as your personal employee who will help craft items out of your blueprints.

Ooogy will work for you 24/7, as long as you keep him happy and well-fed. Think of him as a Tamagotchi on steroids!We are building a mobile companion app that will allow you to get in touch with your Ooogy anytime while you’re away from the main game. Give him tasks or check on his progress while you’re at work, feed him while you’re shopping, and tell him what to craft next!

Every Ooogy is unique and will have a distinctive look. Just like Blueprints, Ooogies are blockchain assets minted with ENJ — giving players true ownership over their Ooogies and the ability to trade them via external marketplaces.

Powered by Blockchain

Putting monetization of skins into the hands of the players is made possible by blockchain technology.

All 9Lives Arena in-game items are blockchain assets backed with ENJ.

Because the blockchain acts as an incorruptible certificate of ownership and authenticity for all of the items it protects,9Lives Arena players have true ownership of their in-game items and can own them forever, sell them, trade them freely, or even melt them down to retrieve the ENJ from within.

The same goes for blueprints and any items our players manufacture in-game using these blueprints!

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