The Chainbreakers NFT Crowdsale Has Begun!

The Qwellcode development team have announced their Chainbreakers game crowdsale starts today!

The special thing about Chainbreakers is that Qwellcode have partnered up with a few other of the industry’s well respected teams. For the implementation of the VR aspect for their game and the decentralized metaverse they are working with Decentraland. In addition, to support this presale and make the integration a little easier they have teamed up with the secondary NFT market, OpenSea team.

Chainbreakers is a strategy-rpg that is set in ancient Greece with the main objective of overthrowing the government in power by joining and assisting the rebellion.  There are elements of mythology interspersed within the game that is added to the gameplay to make it even more interesting, such as the the relic and legendary items are being sold in this crowdsale.

Players and investors will be able to purchase items ranging from five different quality levels, with higher quality items becoming increasingly rare and more sought after. Players will be able to use these items in-game to drastically increase their units’ performance, directly affecting the MANA dividends they can earn while playing the game.

“ Each quest area has a dividend pool that is filled with MANA from the revenue is generated through gameplay: a percentage of the MANA spent in different questing areas is contributed to these dividend pools. A certain percentage of this MANA pool is then periodically set aside for the players in that quest area.

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