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Takeaway from the Blockchain Game Summit!

Having already missed a few blockchain gaming industry events this year I thought we should not pass up on the opportunity to visit and support the Blockchain Game Summit in Lyon. Boy do I have to say that it was a great decision and for many reasons. First off the event host, blockchain technology and gaming company B2Expand could not have chosen a more beautiful venue than the “Musée des Confluences.”

On top of this they did a wonderful job producing and organizing this event. They made sure that all the attendees from the companies and the guests were all happily satisfied!






But the icing on the cake was them going that extra mile and surprising everyone by having a networking mixer on this amazing boat cruise across the Rhône and Saône rivers in Lyon.


 (Gabby Dizon of Alto & Marguerite de Courcelle of Neon District)

Now onto the companies and dev teams that attended the event. Each presentation, panel group and booths setup offered great, unique information for those just starting to learn about blockchain gaming and to the individuals that already have deep technical backgrounds in the blockchain or gaming space.


(Jon Jordan – Key Note Speaker)                             (Remi Burgel CTO of B2Expand)


 (Robert Falce & Pierre-Armand Nicq/Ubisoft)                    (Kendall Cole of Kauri)



(Anne Puck/Ubisoft, Jean-Baptist                     (Dima Raketa & Nikita Sychev of DGD) Soufron, Chia Ling Koh, Celine Moille)

(Kish Hirani/Terra Virtua, Margueritte de Coucelle/Neon District, Gabby Dizon/Alto, Alex Amsel/Fig, Francois Guezengar/B2Expand)

Biggest news at the event which I would like to emphasize was the announcing of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, which will help to redefine the full gaming experience by providing transaction transparency and proof-of-ownership while also bringing exciting innovations and financial incentives to the players.

To close, the best takeaway of all from going to this event was seeing how passionate everyone was about their projects and particularly those of their peers. Everybody was feeding off of each others energies which has seemed to create this tight knit cohesion and cooperation which we know will only make this budding blockchain gaming industry grow faster and stronger!

It was very rewarding to be part of this event so we would like to greatly thank Eric Burgel, Merry Franville and the whole team at B2expand for being such gracious hosts. Also a kind thank you to all who I got to finally meet face-to-face and please forgive me to the ones who I didn’t. Please reach out to us for any media support you may need.

Watch in the coming weeks there will be short intro videos of some of the awesome people we chatted with at this Blockchain Game Summit.

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