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Super Game Chain – Their Journey So Far

Since we began our journey, the team has made an unprecedented amount of progress towards our vision to transform the game industry. Our blockchain solution aims to fill the void that gamers, game developers, and investors are missing; true game integrity and consensus for all.

Our presence in the game and blockchain world is rapidly expanding. Super Game Chain aims to be a leader in this space, and below are a few ways we’ve been doing it so far.

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco on March 18–22 was the world’s largest professional gaming industry event with more than 28,000 attendees, 750+ lecture panels, VR/AR workshops and more! Super Game Chain exhibited at the conference and hosted the only blockchain gaming themed panel and mixer at GDC. Our CEO Toni introduced our vision that all games should benefit from the Blockchain technologies and our mission to build Cross-Blockchain Solutions for game developers. Toni described 3 prevalent challenges in current global gaming ecosystem: 1. Investment 2. User Acquisition, and 3. revenue distribution, and how Super Game Chain will help to resolve these issues with Blockchain: 1. Help developers raise fund from target end gamers directly. 2. Connect the developers and end users directly to solve the crazy user acquisition cost issue. 3. Provide traceable transactions to help eliminate spams, chargebacks and fraud transactions.

After the GDC Conference, Super Game Chain co-hosted the event Transforming Gaming Through Blockchain and Cryptocurrency at the Nebulas HQ in San Francisco with Nebulas, CryptoKitties, Lucid Sight, and Yahoo! Finance. This panel-style event captured the essence of why the gaming industry can benefit from blockchain technology. CEO of Super Game Chain, Toni Xu, discussed how game developers and gamers will come together to provide the game industry the consensus it needs and deserves for all. The discussion continued with how game developers struggle to raise funds in today’s saturated market. Lastly, Toni outlined how Super Game Chain aims to provide game developers with the resources to fund their games. Co-Founder of CryptoKitties, Benny Giang, also spoke out about his journey creating CryptoKitties and how the game will continue to evolve over time. To learn more about the event, you can view the initial event posting by clicking here.

Co-hosted by Steel Media and Super Game Chain, the Blockchain Gamers Connect was an exciting 2-day Conference from May 14–15 in San Francisco that targeted blockchain gamers and game developers. There were over 850 attendees in total with 40+ speakers including CMO of Hedera Hashgraph , Founder of CryptoKitties Benny Giang, CEO of WAX William Quigley, CTO of Enjin Witek Radomski, and CEO of Super Game Chain Toni Xu. This was an opportunity for us to seriously position ourselves and the event led to a ton of connections with great people! Toni Xu, CEO of Super Game Chain. Toni gave an inspiring opening speech titled “Forming Consensus in Gaming”. The full story can be found here.

Blockchain technology has the potential to truly revolutionize the games industry, whether through the creation of a whole new category of Dapps, enabling secondary markets for in-game digital assets, creating new models for rewarding players, creating a unified ecosystem with full consensus, and more! The interest in blockchain games is growing quickly. If you didn’t attend the event, you can read an event recap by clicking here.

The Blockchain Connect Conference in San Jose was a 2-day Conference from June 26–27 that targeted cryptocurrency enthusiasts, influencers, and venture capital investment firms. We had an opportunity to showcase our development and introduce our vision with those that attended. We conducted a series of interviews with hardcore gamers and other blockchain companies to get different perspectives of where blockchain is today and how it can disrupt the gaming industry as a whole. You are able to read about the event by clicking here.

We hosted a blockchain gaming meetup at the Nebulas HQ in San Francisco on June 29. There were over 60 attendees and the event focused on why blockchain will disrupt the gaming industry and how Super Game Chain aims to provide consensus to all. The panel included Toni Xu, Andrew Littlewood, Nicole Lazzaro, and Jackie Lim. Here’s the full video of the event! You are also able to read about the event by clicking here.

On July 25, Community Manager Aram Hami did a Live Q&A with the ICOGenius and Super Game Chain (SGC) communities. Our intentions are to always be as transparent as we can be without giving too much away! Aram discussed how Super Game Chain has interested game developers that want to learn more about submitting their games to the ecosystem. Click for the video and complete story.

We released the MVP versions or “SGC Wallet” App on Apple Store and Google Play.

We have also positioned ourselves as a top gaming ecosystem and platform with almost every major blockchain and gaming media outlet. We are partnered with Crypto & Gamers Communtiy, PocketGamer, BlockchainGamer, and Crypto Bit Games. We are proud of this accomplishment and will continue to expand our reach over time! You are able to see our complete list of media partners here.

Lastly, we have officially launched our Community Blog where you’ll be able to easily find all related SGC Newsletters and critical Blockchain News that currently surround the blockchain and gaming industries. Newsletters are posted every Friday and Blogs are posted from a few times a week to every day. This depends on the amount of news being announced in the markets. You’ll be able to view the blog by clicking here.

Over the past 9 months, we have seen a declining market in the crypto-sphere. Although the sights of a bleeding market aren’t pretty, we have proven ourselves again and again that we’re a serious team working on something that is real. When the time comes, the price of SGCC will reflect our efforts by real use case. Our dedication and passion towards building our dream for the game industry is just beginning. We actively invite you to continue to follow our progress and hold your investments. We understand those that invested earlier on saw a price decrease due to the current market situations. We’re confident that we will turn this boat around and lead you all into the light!

Thank you for sticking by us from the beginning. We will continue to release our development updated when they’re ready!

Super Game Chain Team

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