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Riot Cats Launching October 18′, Pre-Order Now

People adore animals. So it’s not surprising that when Blockchain technology launched in the marketplace, our favorite creatures found a new home. In fact, they’ve been around since the technology first became popular. But hold on, people! RiotCats are NOT your average crypto-pet! Introducing RiotCats, a new blockchain based game about cats surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. A world where cats have to fight for their life and withstand hard times. RiotCats feline universe is full of rebellious spirit, life or death battles and 3d cat warriors.

The game takes place post-CATastrophe and the player’s goal is to save the feline population. Users can do this by collecting different cats, breeding them, selling them, even upgrading them by taking part in pvp battles.

Each cat is one-of-a-kind because of the unique genetic algorithm. Blockchain stores the visible features which can’t ever be changed, such as body type, pattern, eye color, mouth, tail, everything. All information is recorded and stored using blockchain technology, so your cats are absolutely your property. They can’t be lost, replicated, destroyed or stolen.

RiotCats’ creators wanted to emphasize the battle feature more than the breeding feature. A player can call out other cats to fight. The results of the fight are calculated on the blockchain by RiotCats’ special algorithm and then displayed for the players to see as a real 3D battle scene. Win or lose, each player gains experience, but the winner will also have a chance to get a legendary item or weapon!

The game has a separate marketplace with a huge number of additional items.  Items are stored as ERC721 tokens, so they can be bought or sold at anytime as well as cats. Additional items can be equipment that directly affect the combat parameters of the character or items that affect the meta parameters (cooldown time after fight, the chance of dropping loot, etc.) Players can equip cats, improving the parameters, sell/buy any items in the marketplace, win rare legendary items in fights. It’s also important to mention, that different items have different level requirements for wearing.

RiotCats is based on the ERC-721 standard. Weapons, equipment, the cats themselves are ERC 721 tokens and the sole property of the player. The buying, selling, and even breeding of riot cats  takes place directly between players and governed through the use of smart contracts. It’s a free and open marketplace. Sell them. Breed them. Take them to war. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll earn while you’re doing it.

Also, RiotCats plans to add an exchange function upon the official release. Thanks to ERC-721 protocol, players will be able to exchange other ERC-721 tokens directly for these battle cats!

RiotCats is set to launch Beta testing in October, 2018. But players can already join them and start building the cat army by taking advantage of the RiotCats pre-order program. RiotCats’ creators have set the pre-order with the intention to introduce the game, get some interested people, build a strong and diverse community in exchange for tempting prices on unique creatures and exclusive accessories.

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