The Reality Clash game community & ICO supporters can now participate in a liquidity pool for RCC/ETH on Uniswap. Free NFTs worth hundreds of dollars up for grabs for anyone choosing to participate

Reality Gaming Group has unveiled an innovative Liquidity Boost & Rewards Program that enables holders of its RCC token, including both its ICO supporters and the Reality Clash mobile game community, to benefit from three amazing rewards.

The RCC Liquidity Boost program has launched alongside the Uniswap pool. The pool can be accessed here, with RCC tokens and free NFTs worth hundreds of dollars up for grabs for anyone choosing to participate.

The scheme adds RCC liquidity mining incentives and rewards that will further seed deep liquidity, offering a strong trading venue for those who wish to trade and use RCC in a non-custodial manner.

Outside of RCC rewards, Reality Clash is exploring other creative opportunities to offer unique incentives that align with the wider NFT ecosystem.

Here’s how each reward type works:

Free NFTs – Traders who provide liquidity to the RCC/ETH pair will also be eligible to receive exclusive NFTs worth hundreds of dollars, based on how long they keep their RCC/ETH in the pool. 

The NFTs will be drawn from across the Reality Gaming Group portfolio of games, including Reality Clash, Doctor Who – Worlds Apart, Smighties and Emojibles.

Uniswap Fees – Participants will receive a percentage of the fees generated by RCC-ETH trading based upon the percentage of the pool that they own. The more trades that occur on Uniswap, the greater the fees that will be received. These fees go back into the Pool and can be withdrawn at anytime.

Reality Clash Bonus – There will be 100,000 RCC (Reality Clash Coins – the Reality Clash in-game alt coin) per month distributed to a pool of participants on a pro rata basis within that pool.

In addition, Reality Gaming Group will this year be issuing a new RGG token, the native token of the Reality Gaming Group. The token will be airdropped to RCC liquidity pool providers according to a release schedule to incentivise participants.

To find out more about the Reality Gaming Group Liquidity Boost Program, visit

Tony Pearce, Co-Founder of Reality Gaming Group, said: “We’re excited that the Reality Clash community can now participate in a new liquidity pool for RCC/ETH on Uniswap. For all our supporters of the ICO and in the spirit of DeFi, we will be improving the market liquidity through a Liquidity Boost Program on the Uniswap exchange. And with the RGG token on its way, there’s a lot more to come – watch this space!”

About Reality Gaming Group

Reality Gaming Group is a developer and publisher that creates new games experiences and collectibles utilising blockchain technology. The publishing division, Reality Studios, has partnered with the BBC to develop a new Doctor Who trading card game and created the award-winning mobile game Reality Clash. Additional groundbreaking blockchain collectible games include Emojibles and Smighties Universe launching in 2021. It is also the creator of DAT, a Digital Asset Trading Platform, which can be deployed across a huge range of content types. The Reality Gaming Group development team has more than 20 years’ experience across Mobile, PC, Console, AR and VR games platforms. For more information, visit:

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