Presenting The Sandbox Dashboard

Let’s take a first walkthrough of The Sandbox gaming platform as we celebrate the release of our new Dashboard! We’ll go over what you can do at the moment and why this is an important milestone for the project.

The Sandbox Dashboard

Following over a year of development, The Sandbox is releasing the first version of its dashboard, which will give you a first glance at our integrated gaming platform. From the dashboard you can:

  • Find several hundred amazing voxel assets created for The Sandbox metaverse.
  • Know more about our LANDs, SANDs and presales.
  • Get a first glance at our gaming platform and its possibilities as we work on the final tweaks for the blockchain release.

All of this is currently possible with no blockchain transaction, as this first release is totally off-chain. We will be opening decentralized transactions in the near future, allowing full ownership and the possibility of trading assets on the blockchain.

Shop in the Marketplace


While blockchain transactions are not yet publicly released, you can experience creating an account, exploring the dozens of categories and filters to find assets waiting to be placed in your piece of The Sandbox metaverse, and playing within your own private LAND.

The first assets available are created by the amazing artists that have joined us through the creator fund. These provide the basics for game experiences that can be created in our Game Maker. Both static voxel assets and those animated and created with the purpose of being used with various future mechanics in game maker can be added into your account now — for future use in The Sandbox Game Maker.

Creating your account


To create an account on The Sandbox Dashboard, you’ll need to go to the Login button and follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Create your Bitski wallet

If you don’t have a Metamask wallet or you are new to Blockchain, you can create a Bitski wallet just by adding your mail and a password for the wallet. After your wallet is created the last step will be to create a nickname for your Dashboard profile.


1. Connect your Metamask wallet

To connect your Metamask wallet, select the option from the login windows, sign into your wallet, and allow connection through the popups generated by Metamask. The last step will be to enter your email and create a nickname to display on your Dashboard profile.

2. Adding Assets to your Profile

Go to


Once in the Dashboard, you’ll be able to enter the marketplace shop, and, with the help of dozens of categories, explore it in search of your desired assets. When selecting any asset you can see its thumbnail, 3D view, ingame size, creator, description, number of copies left etc.

By clicking the (+) button you will add the asset to your profile. Since this first version of the Dashboard does not contain any transaction to buy assets, this is how you can add your favorite assets for later use in the Game Maker.

3. Explore selected assets in your profile section

Through the dashboard, your will be able to:

Create with VoxEdit


Are you an artist looking forward to joining the voxel art world? Perhaps a creator familiar with voxel art who is trying to learn how to create amazing assets for The Sandbox? Either way, VoxEdit is just for you.

At the link below, you will find the basics of how our voxel modeler and animator works, a cool introduction guideline for new voxel creators, and a bunch of helpful tutorials that will help guide you to create amazing assets and animations.

Apart from being able to download our free voxel editor VoxEdit, you will also find information about our creator fund, which has helped more than 70 artists to be part of The Sandbox artists team while creating the thousands of assets that you will find on the Marketplace.

Start creating now:

Learn more about The Sandbox Game Maker


The Sandbox Game Maker will allow you to create exciting universes filled with gameplays thanks to the various tools available to terraform and customize your piece of The Sandbox metaverse (ie. LAND). You will be able to create unique experiences from a large selection of amazing voxel assets available on the marketplace.

As we are working on the final tweaks for the alpha release you can follow our updates closely and stay updated for its upcoming alpha release. Let us know if you are an artist or game developer and would like to try it before everyone else!

The Sandbox on Discord:

The Sandbox on Telegram:

The first step towards a decentralized platform


As we continue adding important tools and adopting key blockchain features to provide an intuitive flow for users looking for simple and accessible user-experiences, user-generated content (UGC) is the base of our platform. UGC will populate The Sandbox with thousands of NFTs and game experiences.

Provided with tools created for this purpose, every player will be able to create their voxel assets and game experiences with full ownership and the possibility of monetizing their creations on our fully decentralized gaming platform.

The Sandbox: UGC through Blockchain

3D user-generated content will be created through VoxEdit, our voxel editor software that allows artists to create their own assets. The Sandbox is taking a unique decentralized and user-centric approach to offer more to artists and players. Thanks to VoxEdit, anyone can make or import their own 3D voxel objects, animate them, and turn them into NFTs.

Besides creating voxel assets through our software VoxEdit, users will be able to create game experiences, filled with as many NFTs as they want to increase the LAND value. They can also combine with other parcels to increase the size of the playable experience, or create game experiences with the various tools and features provided.

A myriad of unique experiences

While The Sandbox metaverse has hundreds of thousands of virtual parcels called LAND and thousands of voxel assets being created for game experiences, the tools developed to provide players with the freedom of creating multiple game experiences are a key element on our gaming platform. You will be able to navigate within the amazing experiences created by players for players, build out your piece of The Sandbox metaverse, and potentially monetize your experiences in a decentralized gaming platform.

The Sandbox metaverse is waiting for you, begin the adventure!





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