PlanetCrypto has managed to turn the entire planet into a collectible blockchain game!

– PlanetCrypto launches today with an ambitious claim of putting the our entire planets map onto the blockchain and turning it into a collectible game…

Collectible games have been around for a while ~ the biggest being Crypto Kitties – but nobody has attempted anything of this scale before – turning the entire planet into collectible objects! Collectible objects are often mythical creatures but in the case of PlanetCrypto the collectible items are based on virtual copies of real world plots of land. The game has split the map up into 20m2 plots that anyone can buy – and then use within the game or trade with other player. There is of course only one of each landmark available ~ planet Earth comes with built in uniqueness you can only have 1 White House, 1 Buckingham Palace and 1 Eiffel Tower!

The game starts with a PRE-SALE type round named LAND GRAB, to allow players to buy up plots of land before the next stages of the road-map kick-in ~ building, defence planning before land battles!

What is unique about PlanetCrypto is that it comes with some clever features such as the land inflation. Land Prices started out at 0.002 ETH but increase for every plot of land sold (Increase by 0.002 ETH per plot of land sold). A neat incentive for early players to join the game and get the ball rolling.

There is also the Land Tax feature allowing players to earn real ETH when playing. When you buy new land 25% goes into a tax fund which is divided out amongst all current players. The way it’s split is based on your EMPIRE SCORE. The higher your score the bigger cut of Land Tax you’ll receive… and the way you increase your EMPIRE SCORE is holding more land ~ but there is also a clever way to quickly boost that too, buying someone else’s card in what the game calls a Hostile Takeover…

Hostile Takeovers allow anyone to buy out anyone’s land at double the price… the existing player doesn’t even have to list the card for sale! The existing player then loses all of the land on the card along with the EMPIRE SCORE that went along with it… and now the clever bit.. The EMPIRE SCORE of the card then increases by 150% before being transferred to the new owner! A very strategic move for beating down the competition!

Some of the example properties already sold include:


The Walt Disney Statue


The Eiffel Tower



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