Pay any coin and win ETH in the Ethereum game Bear Escape instantly

Ethereum game Bear Escape has cooperated with CoinSwitch for integrating an innovative in-game instant exchange feature, now holders of 358 coins could play directly in Bear Escape, pay any coin and win up to 10,000 ETH. CoinSwitch is one of the most trusted aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges. It provides a high level of anonymity that users do not need to register or login before placing an exchange order.

This new feature has been live, any player could check it out at for the 358 supported cryptocurrencies. Even for complete newbies to the Ethereum game, the coin exchange feature would largely save them the troubles and time on cryptocurrency trade and exchange rate comparison.

To top up the player’s ETH, go to the Exchange Page from the portal on the Bear Escape main page. No registration or login will be needed.The ETH funds will arrive within 15–30 minutes after sending coins to the address as required. Once the transference to a player’s MetaMask wallet is confirmed, the player can proceed to the Bear Escape website to purchase keys immediately.

send coin page

The integration of coin exchange feature will benefit all blockchain gamers in the long term considering the crypto bear market. Nowadays to invest in blockchain games seems to be an option to HODLING some coins especially in the volatile market.

It might be  Come down to the battlefield and trade with 358 coins instantly to try your luck at the very low cost.

Bear Escape is currently conducting a simple survey to all participants that have experienced the game, interviewees will get a chance to gain certain refund based on their expenses on key purchase. 

All updates on winning numbers and referral bounties can be found at the Bear Escape Discord Community, there has been more than 10 ETH distributed to all Bear Escape gamers.

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Bear Escape is a #Ethereumgame in which the lucky survivor gets to escape from the #bearmarket. Join us and play in the game !

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