Paras x OP Games NFT Drops: The Pioneers

Ever wondered what it’s like to own a piece of a game you like? The OP Games card NFTs can make that dream a reality. Help shape the future of these games and support indie game developers as they create unique and exciting Web 3.0 games. For its first-ever NFT drop, OP Games has partnered with three of the most passionate game developers from various genres and to launch card NFTs of their games. The OP Games vision is to create buildable community-owned games and give the power back to game creators and players.This pilot release will be a 3-day event and will feature three unique cards inspired by the games Flip Flop, Forest Cuties, and Conquest.eth. Before these cards are released to the public, there will be a whitelisting process from May 29th to June 2nd for interested users to get early access to the cards before anyone else. These cards will be exclusively released on only, from June 5th to 7th.These are the games that OP Games made NFT cards out of:

Flip Flop by FeatureKreep

Flip Flop is a mind-bending puzzle platformer where you can mirror levels to overcome obstacles and collect shards. The game is headlined by a one-of-a-kind protagonist named Dr. Flips. He’s brilliant but also a bit cocky, which always gets him in trouble.Play the game here:

Forest Cuties by Andrzej Mazur (Enclave Games)

Forest Cuties isn’t out yet, but it’s a promising memory game where users can unlock collectible cards by doing various tasks within and outside of the game. The game features unique animals and some information about them which can be used to play this simple memory game. NEAR/IPFS functionalities will soon be added to the game once it launches.

Conquest.eth by Ronan Sandford (Etherplay)

Conquest.eth is a game of strategy and diplomacy where players compete for the control of the universe. It is an open-ended, on-chain game that runs completely on Ethereum, and players get to acquire planets by strategizing on how to capture other players’ planets.The alpha is live at:

Keep an eye out for updates on what the official cards will look like and what the prices will be.


  • 29th of May at 00:00 UTC, everyone interested in Paras x OP Games NFT Drops can sign the Form of Eligibility.
  • 4th of June, Paras will whitelist accounts who sign up Paras x OP Games NFT Drops on 29th of May.
  • 5th of June at 00:00 UTC, the whitelisted account can get the NFT Drop early and earn 10% discount for all cards
  • 6th of June at 00:00 UTC, the rest of the Paras x OP Games NFT Drops’ supply will be available for purchase for everyone (if any).

The amount of each card available is limited. Once we run out of supply, there will not be extra cards.In order to get whitelisted, please complete the following tasks:

  1. Retweet, like, and tag your friends to Paras’ pinned tweet
  2. Follow OP Games on Twitter (
  3. Join OP Games Telegram group (
  4. Join OP Games Discord channel (
  5. Follow Paras on Twitter (
  6. Follow Paras on Instagram (
  7. Join Paras Telegram group (
  8. Join Paras Discord channel (
  9. Fill out the whitelist form (

Own a piece of these awesome games on June 5th-7th and help shape their future!

About OP GamesOP Games enables developers and the community to own, run, and monetize games as a collective. Through  OP Games’ suite of tools and SDK, developers can turn entire HTML5 games into fractionalized NFTs offered to the public as investable assets. Founded in 2018 by gaming veterans, OP Games’ seeks to lower down the barrier to game ownership.

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