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Panda.Earth Unleashes Blockchain Potentials for Preservation

Creativity on the Blockchain


CryptoKitties burst onto the scene in a flash, with a blockchain-based gamer that allowed users to breed virtual pets and put the technology firmly in the media limelight. However, as more people subscribed to these games and issues began to crop up, one fact became glaringly obvious, these games are pseudo-blockchain games. The data itself is not on the chain and it can easily be tampered with.


Pseudo-blockchain games use the blockchain to settle transactions, but not the storage of game data and gameplay. Game data and gameplay information tend to get distributed from centralized sources that do not offer true ownership and have multiple points of failure. This problem is what the Panda.Earth team is set to resolve through its community autonomous ecosystem.

A Community Autonomous Ecosystem

Launched in the early hours of May 4th, 2018, Panda.Earth is social simulation game built on blockchain technology. Authorized by China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda, Panda.Earth is the world’s first decentralized stimulation of the lives of pandas, digitizing every panda in existence into the blockchain.


Players, designated as ‘Guardians’, will take on this exciting new universe while meeting up with each other, breeding, and exchanging pandas. This new fantasy-based world is hosted on both PCs and mobile terminals, enabling players to log in through their favorite devices on-the-go. 


Panda.Earth is based on Ethereum ERC-721 (Non-Fungible Tokens), enabling it to generate various digital pandas off the blockchain directly. From the appearance of the costumes and all kinds of abilities, the characteristics of each giant panda will be determined by genetic algorithms.


A Bold New World on the Blockchain


Panda.Earth distinguishes itself from another blockchain offering through five key features that highlight the philosophy empowering this world. They are:


Real World Mapping: Possessing sole authorization from China Giant Panda Protection Research Center, Panda.Earth is able to collect and access hundreds of real panda data and maps to make them readily available to the blockchain network. This makes the platform the premier decentralized database for real-world panda facts and the number of these digital giant pandas in the world is only 100!


Unique Genetic Algorithm: Using a proprietary genetic algorithm based on real-world genetic output, every offspring panda in the game will be based on genetic algorithms to obtain the genetic characteristics of the pandas. Core data regarding all genetic output are based on smart contracts to ensure fairness and uniqueness of every panda in the world, making the game a truly collectible game for gamers.


Rarity: According to WWF statistics, the total number of wild pandas is around 1864 at best. Panda.Earth’s ultimate mission is the protection of giant pandas, combining the changing trends of the natural environment, coding them into smart contracts alongside the total number of digital giant pandas, the game affords a new level of collectible collection, rewarding diligent gamers for collecting rare digital panda. Because the real pandas are precious animals in the world, so are these crypto-pandas.


Community Autonomy: Panda.Earth team has developed basic rules and a governing logic for the world. These rules are constantly being updated based on feedback from the community to enrich gameplay experience. Panda.Earth’s autonomous smart contract introduces a myriad of variable gameplay factors from the real world into this universe to properly simulate the living conditions of giant pandas.


Emerging ERC-721 Exchange: With ERC-721, crypto pandas will be more like “collectibles” during collection, breeding, and trading. Cryptopandas can be exchanged with other digital collections using the ERC-721 protocol (non-fungible tokens) and others. However, pricing constraints are determined by player preferences and market demand for the value of each giant panda. Through smart contracts and side-chain technologies, non-fungible tokens can be circulated cross-chain and cross-platform. The Panda.Earth team believes this is the direction of future digital assets.


Panda.Earth is also committed to public welfare. The platform will integrate the knowledge of giant pandas in blockchain games and propagate educative information on their living conditions, propagation conditions, and distribution. This has been designed to assist the general public access readily available information on giant pandas and drive awareness about them and other endangered species.


Panda.Earth’s Featured Gameplay


Panda.Earth offers an innovative and unique gameplay feature including:


Collection and Reproduction: Through a unique genetic algorithm, each crypto panda uses its unique genes and personality to directly influence the quality of its offspring. Breeding between pandas of different personalities is highly encouraged and incentivized – there will even be extremely treasured panda babies.


Circulation of Value: ERC-721 features not only enables Panda.Earth to populate the world conveniently, but also facilitates a cross-platform exchange of assets including CryptoKitties and other digital assets can be directly exchanged with them. This creates a tangible and sustainable gaming ecosystem for players. Because of games like CryptoKitties and Panda.Earth are both in ERC-721, users can seamlessly exchange Kitties for Pandas through Panda.Earth’s novel implementation of ERC-721 features. 


Simulate Business Operations: In addition to trading and breeding, Panda.Earth will introduce groundbreaking gaming concepts based on “territory”. Players will receive “bamboo” by through the acquisition of territory. Bamboos are convertible cash source for the gaming ecosystem that creates a perfect output cycle for retaining the transferable values of the ecosystem, thus ensuring the active and healthy operation of community players.


An Incentivized Platform


Panda.Earth has decided to make its ecosystem readily accessible to the general public and will be giving a batch of cryptopandas free of charge to users who sign up for early-stage community building.

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