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What’s up Blockchain gamers! @OffTheBlockchain here with another exclusive article geared towards potential new players of Panda.Earth. Its time to expand the gaming portfolio and jump into Panda.Earth, if you aren’t convinced , you will think otherwise by the end of this article!

*please note that the contents in the player review are subject to change as the game progresses through early development*

Guardian Panda Overview:

Guardian Pandas are a unique feature compared to the traditional model we see with Gen0 Collectibles. Traditionally there is a per-determined ecosystem that determines the rate in which Gen0 Pandas are put into circulation. With the guardian feature it is giving players and early investors a chance to see a hefty long term profit . If interested in purchasing a Guardian Panda and receiving the  income from the Gen0 Pandas it Generates please contact @Maggie you can find her hanging out in the Panda.Earth Telegram group. Telegram –>

Guardian Panda #1

Panda Interface:

Panda Name/Account Name: I named this cute panda after someone special! On the left hand side is the Panda name and on the right is the account owner and Metamask public address as well as country of the user, it also is one of the few games that support display pictures! Major kudos to the dev team for this feature

Purity: You will notice OffTheBlockchain has 51 Purity, the higher the purity stat the higher chances of breeding a panda with the same attributes , you will want the highest purity possible when breeding fancies

Like: They have included the feature of liking a panda, so you can share the URL and have a friendly competition with who has the most liked panda. I wish this was a standard feature in all collectible games!

Breeding: This is where you can breed your pandas the average price to breed is 0.008 ETH and is dependent upon the generation of the pandas breeding. (There will be a breeding guide in the future so be sure to follow @OffTheBlockchain for first access to it)

For Sale: This is where you can put your panda on the marketplace. More on this in the marketplace section below.

Gift: This is a feature I think should be included in all collectible games. Luckily it is here and you can gift a panda of your to whomever you choose!

Attributes: Attributes are considered the personalities of your panda. They can be passed down through breeding and will determine the performance of a panda (This suggest fashion show possibly?). Try to breed pandas will all personalities in order to have a good variety for when that feature gets implemented! Bio: This is the auto generated bio, paste into google translate for a very funny description of your panda! It may have more truth then you think.

My Pandas Interface:

This is where you will be able to look at your bamboo of pandas! The filter system is the same as in the marketplace, and is very user friendly . So do not hesitate to go in and figure out what filter settings are the best for you.


This will be where you can purchase that new fancy panda you have been eyeing , or check the price on the rare attribute panda you just bred. The interface is pleasing to the eye and also hints that there will be support for EOS. Hurray EOS Holders!

Fancy Pandas:

  Robot Fancy , Max limit 50









Bride Fancy , Max limit 66


Fancy pandas can be obtained via in-game methods like the referral program, exchange system and lets not forget breeding. I will go over those later but here are some examples of the fancy pandas in circulation at the moment.


The exchange is a very unique features that actually assists with the overpopulation problem Cryptokitties has. They have added the option to exchange your unwanted kitties for a new panda . You have the option of going for a Fancy Robot panda which there will only be 50 in circulation. Or choosing a panda from the pool of pandas available which gets updated every 12 hours!

Referral Program:

My regular viewers know how much i enjoy referral programs. I see it as a way the developers show their appreciation to the early adopters for promoting and growing the game. The program will give you a free panda for 3 friends that join via your link (See above photo for location of link) . After that you will receive a chance to win a rare Bride Fancy panda which there are only 66 that will be in circulation. Good Luck! And here is my referral link for those interested in playing . Thank you for your support!


                                 PandaEarth App/CryptoKitty App for Android:

It is a pleasure to mention that the devs have completed the android version of PandaEarth and is available to download on the app store, soon to be released on IOS . They have also went out of there way to develop an app to play Cryptokitties on. So enjoy playing those games on your mobile devices!

Panda Park Upcoming Feature Reveal:

It is my honor to be the first to announce the newest feature coming i the next update for PandaEarth. It will be Panda Park and you will be able to gather bamboo. The confirmed details are the following:

  • More pandas you have the more bamboo you will acquire
  • Fancy Pandas do not have an added bonus to gathering bamboo
  • There is no info currently confirmed on what bamboo will be used for , or if it will be usable in the same update as Panda Park
  • Will have Idle-Game mechanics

  Thank you all for your time reading and to all of my followers for the continued support. If you are interested in getting a specialized review for your game, please contact me through social media you can find in the bio below!

For More advanced details about PandaEarth please refer to their FAQs: PandaEarth was developed by PandaEarth venture studio. Reach For partnership,investment opportunity at”






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