Open Sea has acquired Atomic Bazaar to bring real-time trading to their users!

OpenSea is excited to announce that they have acquired Atomic Bazaar — an Ethereum digital asset marketplace focused on trading mixed sets of NFT’s. They are bringing on the Atomic Bazaar team and integrating the product’s rich feature set into the OpenSea platform.

You may have noticed several new team members in the OpenSea DiscordJordan Messina and Dan Viau from the Atomic Bazaar team have a long history in the Dapp and crypto collectible space. Soon after CryptoKitties launched, they launched KittyHats — which allowed users to accessorize their CryptoKitties. KittyHats was the first experiment in “layer two” gaming experiences on Ethereum and demonstrated what was unique about blockchain as a platform. They were also the team behind KittyExplorer, one of the most popular ways to analyze the CryptoKitties ecosystem.

“We were super impressed with the Atomic Bazaar product when it launched back in July. The Atomic Bazaar experience brought something entirely new to the NFT ecosystem by focusing on bartering: on Atomic Bazaar, users can organize real-time trades for mixed sets of NFT’s. The site became very popular with the CryptoStrikers community, since trading is one of the most most important components of card games.”


More ways to trade

OpenSea recently added support for eBay-style biddingbundling, and auctioning in other currencies— but this is only the beginning. With the acquisition of Atomic Bazaar, they will be adding all sorts of exciting ways to exchange, including item-to-item bartering, more sophisticated orders, and much more. They think these will drive greater liquidity of blockchain-based assets and truly allow this ecosystem to flourish.


Build with us

“As usual, we’ll be rolling out all of these new features to developers building on our platform. Games who leverage our platform as their marketplace will have immediate access to the most powerful marketplace features in the ecosystem. Not only do games not have to reinvent the wheel, but they access to a much broader set of users by building on OpenSea.”

“We’re beyond excited for the opportunity to bring on Atomic Bazaar! They’re a fantastic team with direct alignment on our vision of powering open economies.”

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