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Official ChainGuardians Crate Sale Options

The ChainGuardians Crate Sale is live in one week! The timer is now active! Click here!.

After twelve months of game development and 51 internal Alpha builds, we have now reached Beta stage! It is finally time to get your hands on one of our elusive and previously unobtainable Guardians in The Official ChainGuardians Crate Sale!

The crate sale will commence on the 14th April and you can access the crate sale from this date onwards here. Remember: Joining earlier will get you the more sought after lower mint of each Guardian, as well as 10% off the marked price for the first week only!

In total there are 9 different crates available for purchase which are composed of NFTs and Non-Fungible assets; with each crate containing a predetermined set of assets.

You will notice that each crate is tied to the respect blockchain Guardian. For example: purchasing the BTC crate (Bitcoin crate), will provide an ultra-rare Bitsee NFT with bonus Non-Fungibles.

The contents of each crate is displayed in the below infographics.


When purchasing the Bitcoin crate you will be purchasing an ultra-rare Legendary Bitsee Naka NFT. There will only ever be 15 Bitsee minted; 12 of which are available in this crate sale.

Alongside your purchase of Bitsee you will receive 17 complementary Non-Fungibles: 11 Legendary, 2 Rare, 2 Uncommon and 2 Common.

Each of these assets has a unique function inside the ChainGuardians game world; details of each of these assets will be provided in accompanying Game-Guide content.


Inside the Ethereum crate you will find an exceedingly rare Legendary Seth Buter NFT. There will only ever be 30 Seth minted; 27 of which are available in the crate sale.

You will also receive 15 bonus Non-Fungibles: 9 Legendary, 2 Rare, 2 Uncommon, 2 Common.



The Dash crate will land you with a super-rare Legendary Dasha Locks NFT. Only 55 Dasha Locks will ever be minted with 52 available in the crate sale.


Furthermore, you will receive 8 Non-Fungibles: 3 Legendary, 2 Rare, 2 Uncommon and 2 Common.


Within this crate resides the hard-hitting exceptionally rare Lolita Lee NFT. Only 100 Lolita Lee will ever exist; 97 of which can be found in this crate sale!

There are 7 bonus Non-Fungibles in this crate consisting of: 2 Legendary, 1 Rare, 2 Uncommon and 2 Common.


In partnership with #MATIC Network, get your hands on the highly sought after Legendary Mudra NFT! Only 100 Mudra will ever exist with over 50 already sold in presale and only 25 available in the crate sale.

There are 6 bonus Non-Fungibles in the MATIC crate: 3 Legendary, 2 Uncommon and 2 Common.


The ChainGuardians Starter Crate is designed to offer new players the opportunity to gain cheap entry into the ChainGuardians game world.

Purchasers of this crate will be given the opportunity to create a clone of any UnCommon character of their choosing, such as: Celia Nexa , Kumabaggu or the Uncommon Captain Devex Attazer.

The starter crate also comes with 2 bonus Non-Fungibles: 1 Uncommon and 1 Common.


The ChainGuardians Credits (CGC) super booster crate is designed to boost purchasers’ CGC holdings. 0.5ETH will provide users with a 1000 CGC account boost.

The CGC booster crate will give users a 100CGC boost.

CGC can be used to purchase any Non-Fungibles which have not been minted NFTs on The ChainGuardians Marketplace. CGC can also be used to purchase in-game consumables, items and soldiers (which are not mintable to NFTs).

Players can then choose to mint this as an NFT or trade/sell it within the ChainGuardians marketplace.


Players will have the opportunity to decide whether to mint the bonus Non-Fungibles using ChainGuardians Coins (CGCs), or place them on the internal ChainGuardians marketplace to sell for CGC.

It is noteworthy that if you decide to mint the Non-Fungibles into NFTs, they can no longer be sold on the ChainGuardians Marketplace. Users will have to consider secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Players will receive bonus CGC for every crate they purchase so they will have the option to use this CGC to mint their NFTs.


ChainGuardians is the world’s first anime-infused and blockchain inspired turn-based RPG blockchain game.

ChainGuardians offers gamers:

  1. Original and immersive store LORE
  2. A unique ecosystem balancing play-to-earn strategy with elements of free to play to drive adoption
  3. World-class blockchain gaming partnerships
  4. High-quality collectible art-work designed and created by our in-house DC Comics artist
  5. Blockchain gaming breakthroughs such as BYONFT (Bring Your Own NFT) and NFT POS Mining (mine CGC using your NFTs from partnered projects)!
  6. New and exciting ways to play: PvE Story Mode scenarios with PvP in development

Join the crate-sale in one week: Click here!.


Checkout our #1 Ranked Steemit video of the ChainGuardians game world here.

You can also read some of the Guardians’ backstory and comic art here

Join our Discord and play the Beta now! You can also read our latest game development update here.

The ChainGuardians Team

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