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New Game Release! ‘Crypto Sword & Magic’ Items Introduction

The equipment system of ‘Crypto Sword & Magic’, is an integral center of the game. All of the equipment on ‘Crypto Sword & Magic’ are recorded on the EOS blockchain according to NFT standards. Let’s get to know what items the user can handle, and what kind of system is operated.

Equipment can be divided into weapons, armor, and accessories, with five rarities. There are upgrades and fortification systems to make your equipment stronger, and you can also consolidate superfluous equipment into a new item.

Types of Equipment

Equipment can be divided into weapons, armor, and accessories. Heroes can wear headgear, armor for the upper and lower body, shoes, weapons and armor for the hands, necklaces, earrings, and two rings.

‘Crypto Sword & Magic’ offers over 300 types of equipment — find the best fit for your hero!


The weapons available to you depend on your class. Weapons include one-handed, two-handed, and auxiliary forms, and have physical or magical attacking powers. Weapons available to each class differ, and heroes with one class cannot use weapons assigned to different classes. Choose wisely, since powers within the same class group can differ according to weapon and options.


There are different types of armor, such as shields, helmets, shoes, protective gear for the upper and lower body. Like weapons, different armor is available to different classes, and you cannot wear armor assigned to other classes. Shields are available only to warriors, and cannot be used in junction with two-handed weapons.


All accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, and rings, are available to all classes. Accessories complement weapons and armor in various ways. You can customize your equipment by using accessories to strengthen the powers you want.


There are different numbers of options according to each class. There are many combinations of over 50 options with different powers.

Equipment Rarity

Equipment rarity can be categorized into Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, becoming rarer and more valuable towards the end. Equipment of the more rarity has better powers and more options. Equipment of the same rarity can differ in value and power, depending on the options.

Normal, Magic, Rare equipment


Standard gear. Elementary powers, with upgrades available up to level 10. One additional option.


Moderate powers, with upgrades available up to level 20. Two additional options.


Exceptional powers, with upgrades available up to level 30. Three additional options.

Epic, Legendary equipment


Extraordinary gear, upgrades available up to level 40. Four additional options


The highest gear available for chosen heroes. Upgrades available up to level 50, with five additional options, including ones exclusive to Legendary.

How to Get Stronger Equipment

Your equipment can be fortified in multiple different ways. The higher your equipment rarity, the stronger you can make it. This is crucial for your game performance.

Level Upgrades

The equipment you first earn is at level 1. Equipment at level 1 have low powers and have no available option. You can upgrade your equipment up to level 50, depending on your equipment rarity. Your equipment will perform better as you upgrade, and you can unlock options as you go. You also have the option of using extra equipment or stones to upgrade your equipment levels.


All your equipment can be made more powerful through enhancement. Enhancement can work according to different probabilities, and when successful, you will gain a enhanced level (marked like +3). Further success can lead to +2, but failure will not gain you a level and may even diminish your level by -1. With higher enhancement levels comes higher effects, but there’s also a greater chance of failure, so beware!

What Do I Do With Extra Equipment?

If you have the equipment you can’t use or have no use for, you can use this to your advantage. All equipment on ‘Crypto Sword & Magic’ serves a purpose!


You can sell equipment to users who need it. Even if you need the equipment yourself, you can still get a good price for it — make a profit while playing!


Synthesize 5 equipment items to get one new piece of equipment. Options are important — you have the chance to attain equipment with the options you want through synthesis. Good luck!

How to Get New Equipment

Find new equipment in equipment chests. You can win chests free of charge through battle, and there are different chances of winning good equipment by the kind of chest you have. There are Wood, Iron, Silver, Gold, and Platinum chests. Platinum chests are only available through purchase. Don’t be down because you have an inferior chest — luck determines what you get!


‘Crypto Sword & Magic’ equipment will be made available through pre-sale in mid-May. The pre-sale will offer guaranteed packages that allow you to choose the rarity on your equipment. The package is available through pre-sale only! Additionally, equipment bought through pre-sale has special, limited edition effects.

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