NEW 3D Game 'CryptoBarons' Partners with WAX and OPSKINS

The big announcement dropped on 17th May, 2018. CryptoBarons has successfully partnered with Opskins and WAX. The game assets such as magic potions, farms, market, armies etc., which are also Crypto collectibles, will be available on OPSkins™, the world’s leading marketplace for online video game assets, and will be tradable with WAX Tokens, Bitcoin, ETH, US dollars, Euros and dozens of other currencies.

“We are really excited about the development as this game is set to break new records in Blockchain gaming. CryptoBarons is a decentralized application, but on the Ethereum Network, and is one of the few massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) based on blockchain technology. It has taken a lot of time to develop and we are very close to launch.” – Veikko Hara (Senior Blockchain Research Advisor, Ugarsoft).

About CryptoBarons

CryptoBarons is a MMORPG hosted on the Ethereum network as a decentralized application. Inspired by the thought of creating an action-filled game similar to “The Sims”, users can hire workers, breed animals, build structures and armies within their kingdom. Users can battle against other kingdoms and earn treasures such as magic potions to help vanquish their enemies and gain control of their kingdom.

According to Cryptobaron’s Medium post, the official trailer of the game will be released very soon, but meanwhile you can view small video demo of the gameplay below. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what to expect when the game is launched.

CryptoBarons will soon start the airdrop of Baron tokens for the first subscribers to play the game. You can subscribe here to get Baron Tokens for free. The Market Presale starts on Friday May 25th. Be sure to get as many assets as you can because the items will be sold at a discount before the full game launch in June.

Stay tuned for more updates. Be sure to join the discussion on Telegram and also Discord where you can ask questions about the game and what to expect. 

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