NEO Game Incentive Plan Roadmap


Recently NEO released a total of RMB 3.5 million worth of GAS currency and launched a four month “NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition” in order to encourage more game developers to use NEO chain for developing blockchain games. The organizers of the competition, New Econo Lab (NEL), revealed that it was open for registration which started in May. Due to the high amounts of bonuses the number of enrolled applicants has already exceeded 100.



NEO Game incentive plan which aims to fully promote high-quality projects!

Also NEL announced that it will launch their NEO Game Incentive Plan which includes four parts, the “Advanced Finalist Award”, “Weekly Meetups In July”, the “NEO Game Event” and “GAS reduction.”

1) Advanced Finalist Award: The Finalist Award will be judged and presented in advance to encourage participants who are focused on the development of NEO chain games. At the same time they hope to quickly build an exhibition space for learning and communication.

2) Weekly Meetups in July: This allows NEO chain game developers, not only limited to the contestants, an opportunity to get close to industry leaders and develop interactive quizzes such as game development experiences about NEO chain in the form of a Meetup.

3) NEO Game Event: During the 2018 China Joy Expo we will invite teams, industry leaders, technology experts, investors and exchange representatives to discuss the development trend of blockchain technology and explore new business models so as to promote more collaboration among everyone.

4) GAS reduction: Participants of the competition can benefit from a special policy for the reduction of GAS fees when participating in formal NEO chain.

NEL said that although the above four parts have different forms of influences they all ultimately point to the same purpose, to promote developers in the NEO chain in order to make high quality Dapp games.

Details about NEO Game Incentive Plan:

1) Advanced Finalist Award

Event target: All participants

Event time: Continuing until August 15

Participation Steps:

a. Sign up on official website,;

b. Upload works after login, and you will also need a NEO docking code on Github;

c. The officials will present a Finalist Award in advance every week before the registration deadline.


2) Weekly Meetups in July

Activity target: NEO chain game developers

Activity time: Four times

1st meetup: July 07

2nd meetup: July 11 in Chengdu

3rd meetup: July 20 in Suzhou

4th meetup: July 28


3) NEO Game Event

NEO Game Event will be held in Shanghai during the 2018 China Joy Expo. Specific details will be released on the official twitter @NEO_Blockchain


4) GAS reduction

Activity target: All participants

Activity requirements:

a. The work must be completed by December 31, 2018;

b. The GAS reduction requirements should be applied by the developer;

c. NGD committee makes the confirmation

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