NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition “Guangzhou Station Meetup Tour” Was A Success

On the afternoon of June 22nd, the NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition “Second Station Meetup Tour” hosted by New Econo Lab (NEL) was successfully held in Guangzhou Tianhe Cafe. The event was held in the form of a small meetup and attracted nearly 20 participants from Guangzhou. In addition to sharing experiences with the attendees the two invited special guests also discussed topics interpreted from their unique perspectives about the future of blockchain games which aroused a strong compliance among attendees.

Competition Objectives: Discover and support potential NEO chain game developers.

To start this event Mr. Chen Xi, CEO of Quwei Network introduced the NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition to attendees which focused on the 39 awards set in it. Chen Xi first said that the use of any revolutionary new technology will take time and that blockchain games are still in its infancy. During this period it is very fragile and easy to abort. To develop it we have to provide it with a good environment. Thus through this competition we will provide technical assistance services and a bonus reward program to help explore and support potential NEO chain game developers who will eventually establish the NEO chain ecology.

     [Quwei Network CEO Chen Xi introduces NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition]

Chen Xi revealed that the NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition will be presenting 39 awards with the total value of prizes being more than 3.5 million yuan which will cover the  vast majority of participants. The contest organizers have also promised that with the increase in the number of entries there will be additional awards then added where appropriate. The purpose of this is to support every and all the potential developers.

Full Of Experiences: “Basic” teaching of combined development theory with game examples.

Afterwards, Mr. Chen Xi elaborated on the details of the NEO smart contract and development of light wallets using intermittently “CryptoGladiator”, a game based on NEO chain (http:/ / as an example which won high praise from all developers present.

                   [Quwei Network CEO Chen Xi uses CryptoGladiator as an example]

Another guest of this studio tour COO Xiao Xiao of Quwei Network demonstrated each system and game method of CryptoGladiator one by one plus answered questions raised by participants, examples such as “What are the advantages of NEO chain?” and “How do you make money in CryptoGladiator”.

Replying to the question “What are the advantages of NEO chain?” Xiao Xiao said that most blockchain games are currently based on the Ethereum blockchain  but Ethereum has two fatal problems for Chinese players. First, domestic players need to unblock the games’ website. Secondly, there is a very expensive fuel cost (handling fee) in player’s asset trades. A game developed on the NEO chain does not require players to unblock and they do not need to pay extra fuel costs, which provide strong advantages for NEO developers.

                [Quwei Network COO Xiao Xiao demonstrates CryptoGladiator System]

Next Stop: The third station and the three-way talks on development, operation and investment will be held in Shanghai.

Our third studio stop is planned to be in Shanghai during ChinaJoy – China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference. Unlike the other stops this one will be more like an annual NEO blockchain industry event and no longer a single teaching function. We will officially invite dev teams, industry leaders, project elites, technical talents and investment tycoons to participate in a deep discussion about the development trend of blockchain technology to jointly discover new business models and at the same time promote cooperation. Chen Xi said that he believes that the third meetup stop will accelerate the formation of a new game ecosystem driven by NEO blockchain technology.

It is confirmed that they will release details of the third event on its website and open its registration channel very soon. Interested parties can follow their official website to find out more.

NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition Official Website:

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