NEO-Blockchain Game Contestants Interview Series | OSpak: “The Player Is The God In This Galaxy.”


The first ever NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition has been closed for submissions. After a long and thorough review from the judges the awards will finally be announced today and the ‘Most Popular Award’ is the only one that was voted by the public. The voting channel was opened on August 16th with a total of 33 different types and styles of NEO blockchain games to go through.

Now for the last of this interview series we introduce to you INTERSTELLARS from OSpak. At the start it might seem very plain to you but it opens up into a vast and exciting game because of how it is built on the blockchain. NEO Game Competition voting channel for the Most Popular Award:

Tournament Committee: Hello OSpak, INTERSTELLARS is a relatively new game can you give us an idea of what it is about? It would also be interesting to know in what kind of context was the game produced?

OSpak: Hello, thank you very much. INTERSTELLARS is a very special game in that it doesn’t combine a traditional game with blockchain, instead it is the creation of a completely decentralized game. Also not only is it in a new game category but it will help revolutionize and change traditional game research and development models. Throughout our traditional research and developments it was very obvious that many games in general are not fun. Homogenization is a serious matter and players are always in a state, for many minor reasons, of being asked for money in games. Us members of OSpak have played a number of these games and we are tired of them for continuing to demand the same. A decentralized game model opens a new door for development and we want to create a game world dominated by the players themselves.

The first galaxy

Tournament Committee: That sounds marvelous so what do you do in the game?

OSpak: The first galaxy of INTERSTELLARS is easy to play by exploring the planets and collecting debris. When you don’t have enough energy you can’t continue to explore and fly so you will need to stay on a planet to gather more energy. Occupying a planet will require tokens and to collect debris on other people’s planets you will then need to pay taxes to its owners. The type and number of planets are limited in the entire galaxy. Players will need to work together to drive forward the galaxy’s evolution to open a second galaxy with more content.

Tournament Committee: How did you integrate INTERSTELLARS with blockchain technology?

OSpak: Blockchain is a technology where decentralization is the main purpose and I would like to call INTERSTELLARS a decentralized game.

First, the player is really a God! So in a galaxy, players not only jointly determine its development but also make the rules of the game. All developers and admins are determined by the players. The game plans, development plans and art styles will be all entirely up to the players to vote on.

Second, all assets and rules will eventually be put on the blockchain. Rules of the game are open and transparent.

Third, it is a world of infinite possibilities. INTERSTELLARS is made up of different galaxies and every galaxy will be a new world in the future. Under the rules of the Universal Law, players can travel back and forth between different galaxies and game worlds.

Fourth, INTERSTELLARS is a community of players. We believe that it will have a large number of players in the near future and will create a community ecology.


Tournament Committee: The current version is only the first galaxy, does that mean there will be more galaxies soon to follow?

OSpak: Yes, it is a parallel universe. The first galaxy has its own unique gameplay and mission. The assets that players collect in the first galaxy can be taken to other galaxies. Multiple galaxies have their own unique gameplay and rules and even the style of art will be different.

The second galaxy is the Cat Planet, which has a very cute art style. There will be all kinds of cats and spaceships and players can build different planets and collect materials to make different goods.


The third galaxy is a Cyberpunk galaxy. Not too much to say about this one yet but I am personally looking forward to this galaxy.


Tournament Committee: Finally, do you have anything else that you would like to tell the audience?

OSpak: We hope INTERSTELLARS will thrive with our players. As a player, you are a creator as well as a trailblazer. You will witness the birth, development, prosperity, chaos and death of a game world galaxy and you will become a builder, manager, destroyer, profiteer and whoever you want to be in the game. Finally, whoever you are you will always be remembered in the history of this game world.

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