NEO-Blockchain Game Contestants Interview Series | MoeJu Network: Fighting Story of Girls

August has arrived, which means that the NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition has entered its final stage. All the participants have worked hard to make their work more perfect before the deadline of the competition. For MoeJu Network, their aim is to make players feel beautiful, have fun and help them make some money playing their game Armed Girls · Matrix.

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Committee: Hello, first of all congratulations for winning the Nominee Award in August! Your team is described as a group with an interest in Otaku. Your team members are extremely fond of games, anime and maids so is that why you developed this style of game?

MoeJu Network: Yes, our team members have made this game a gathering place to express our love for anime. By utilizing our own programming expertise and art skills we are carefully polishing up this game. Some of us in the past have engaged in Japanese Anime and Manga fan clubs. At that time the quality of domestic animation was of such high quality but not many to enjoy. Now the opposite is true, there are many animation works coming out but they are of such low quality which cannot be compared to then.


Committee: By looking at the beautifully designed anime characters, it is easy to see that your artists are very talented and experienced. So how much work and energy was put into the art development of the game?

MoeJu Network: The artwork accounts for a large portion of the game. Our artists are well-known and distinguished in the industry so that is how our designer gets  unique insight into and skilled experience working in anime art. For example, one of our artists, SA who painted the protagonist also served as the main designer in the game Honkai3 from Miha Tech and participated in the design of Azur Lane. Our other artists like TID and Baiye are all well-known domestic artists as well. Our team uses the software LIVE2D which offers a dynamic drawing of a standing pose presenting a vivid picture to the player. This artwork that is designed is undoubtedly eye-catching to the otaku and so we are confident in our art production standards among the industry.


Committee: Cool, so can you explain how the game will be entertaining?

MoeJu Network: We created a gameplay that is different from most current mobile games in the market. Because players have experienced too many single game modes we chose a gameplay strategy similar to the game Candy Crush and combined it with our union war, Union BOSS annihilation game mode and blockchain technology where players can acquire game token rewards.


Committee: Does this mean then that the  battles are like mining in union mode?

MoeJu Network: Yes. The union GvG mode system is the most important gameplay element. Under blockchain technology each union has a BOSS created by the system that can be challenged and its members also have their own BOSS which can be uploaded to the union’s battle system where the leader can select the best BOSS to combat in each union war. Players can challenge other unions and get honor points by hitting or killing other union BOSSes. Each level of honor points has its corresponding token reward. The tokens can be distributed to all members of the union which is the main currency of exchange. They can also purchase and directly convert them into RMB.


Committee: That seems to be a good way to earn money for players. Besides that are there any other ways for players to be profitable?

MoeJu Network: Players can venture through the various dungeons in the game to obtain some necessary materials and weapons and those items and characters in their supply system can be traded. We designed an exchange system where players can buy and sell their items in the exchange. Every player’s property is fully protected in this exchange through blockchain technology and the exchange can use the tokens for trading also.


Committee: I am looking forward to the day of your games official launch!

Mengyu Network: We thank NEO for providing this game competition opportunity and we will continue to go all out in developing and creating an excellent anime blockchain game. I would also like to thank the team members for their unremitting efforts and support as well.

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