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NEO-Blockchain Game Contestants Interview Series | GOTVG: Anime girls “Battle” in Mahjong

In Japanese Mahjong you not only get to make a team with all kinds of beautiful anime girl characters but you can also win Tokens playing the game. The biggest highlights are to create and develop your favorite anime girls then use their skills to fight others on the Mahjong table. Let’s see what Japanese Mahjong has in store for the gamers through this interview with the Tournament Committee. NEO blockchain game development competition official website:


Tournament Committee: First of all, congratulations on Japanese Mahjong winning the Nominee Award last week!  Everyone is very interested with your team so please introduce yourselves.

GOTVG: Hello everyone, we are a group who love PC games and anime culture. Our members come from Shanda and Tencent. We all have our own viewpoints and ideas in the field of anime games and are also interested in the development of eSports games and its conventions.  I have always wanted to create an e-sports product of my own.

Tournament Committee: We all know that for centuries Mahjong has been one of China’s national pastimes so why did you choose to develop a Japanese Mahjong game without relying on the Chinese culture?

GOTVG: We feel the rules of Japanese Mahjong are more complicated and interesting. There are also special and specific cards with many different settings. The new generation of players are growing up in an era of Japanese pop culture &  animation so we feel that our game caters to this potential market and will lead to a future trend. Actually, I myself am an anime game player and I love Japanese culture as well!

Tournament Committee: In addition to the basic gameplay of Mahjong what other features will the game contain?

GOTVG: Of course, there are the eye-catching anime girl characters. Also there will be a system in place in the game that everyone will enjoy and will include a lot of social and economic components combined with the blockchain.

Tournament Committee: Compared to traditional Mahjong games what are some of the advantages with a blockchain Mahjong game?

GOTVG: Considering the huge amounts of blockchain trades that are going in the world and the many who are cryptocurrency holders, I thought of creating a game that can be used to trade currency frequently while still being entertaining. Many properties of Mahjong games can be combined with blockchain. Collecting and developing the anime girl characters is an independent economic system. The in-game fighting mechanics can improve the data circulation problems and special in-game items made by the blockchain which will enhance the currency price and the player’s perception of the game. Players complete tasks online to receive virtual currency, achieve promotion and establish an economic system. Players require a large number of virtual coins to support their demands in playing the game and they can purchase them not only through recharging or exchanges but also through the in game competitions which helps achieve a strong closed economic system. Our game encourages the players appetite for virtual currency because they know they have the option to exchange it for real items, such as exhibition tickets, limited garage kits, artist signatures and so on.


Tournament Committee: The core gameplay of it has a Japanese style format and its main content is made up of  beautiful anime girl characters. I believe many young people will be interested in it and will want to ask you how many anime girls can they select from?

GOTVG: This game then must have a lot of anime girls to meet everyone’s eagerness  (smile~) . In addition, we will also be inviting famous voice actors to promote it. So player have the chance to get the actors signatures. (You know~)

Tournament Committee: As mentioned above the anime characters have the ability to trigger unique skills in the game. Will they affect the balance of the gameplay?

GOTVG: Skills will definitely have a certain impact on your game progression but luck is also a part of your strength. Mahjong relies on a player’s matching abilities. Learning how to use the talents of the anime girl characters is also a key pre-battle strategy for everyone. The skills are not so strong on their own, they all need to be triggered by specific goals and outcomes. For example, if the skill of one girl is self-improvement or predicting an opponent’s card those skills do not make any difference to the overall game. It is still necessary for the player to reach a high level to gain  more powerful skills.


Tournament Committee: Your Japanese Mahjong game is still under development. Will there be any new content and features when it is officially launched?

GOTVG: There may be added some new content such as more illustrations plus an arcade and challenge modes. But what you are probably thinking about are the anime girls? Don’t worry, there will be enough!

Tournament Committee: Finally, thank you for the wonderful work that your GOTVG team has brought us. I look forward to your future performance!

GOTVG: Thanks to the Committee for having this competition and would like to thank your helpful technical support for assisting in our research and development. I really learned a lot and have got a deeper understanding of blockchain to see the great potential and space in it. I hope that our game will be enjoyed by many more people. Thanks again to the NEO Committee!

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