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NEO-Blockchain Game Contestants Interview Series | Crypto Labs: Mahjong blockchain game from Taiwan

The NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition is the highest-level competition held by NEO in the world, attracting developers from all the countries and regions to participate. There are 39 Nominee Awards in this competition, including 26 domestic works and 13 from overseas. Among the domestic works there is a special team called Crypto Labs. Their main members are from Taiwan, ‘Paradise Island Chess’ may be the very first blockchain game in Taiwan. NEO blockchain game competition website:


Tournament Committee: Hello, first of all congratulations on winning the award. Can you please introduce your team and entries?

Crypto Labs: Hello, our team is from Taiwan and Hainan. We are a group of young people who are passionate about games and blockchain. We have a broad experience in game development and have developed many blockchain applications before. Paradise Island Chess is our first mobile game. Thank you, it is a great honor to win the award!


Tournament Committee: Comparing to the original Mahjong game, can you tell us the main gameplay and features of Paradise Island Chess?

Crypto Labs: The current gameplay is like the Hainan and Taiwan style of Mahjong and this will be followed by a variety of different areas of gameplay. Compared with the traditional Mahjong game, Paradise Island Chess has the following features: (1) The implementation of real virtual assets will be managed by smart contracts; (2) Game data will be stored in the blockchain; 3) Clear multi-person voice chat with better social interaction experience; (4) Realistic 3D game scenes.


Tournament Committee: Why did you want to combine a Mahjong game with blockchain technology? Can you share with us the difficulties encountered in this process?

Crypto Labs: The shortcoming of Mahjong games is that the information is non transparent. The server can replace the player’s next card at any time. The logical data structure is very important for this type of game. At first, I was not familiar with the NEP5 smart contract, but NEL had professional technicians who could quickly provide technical support to our team.

Tournament Committee: What was the motivation for you to choose the NEO blockchain and to also participate in this competition?

Crypto Labs: NEO has a large user base and the performance of 1,000 TPS. It also supports multiple coding languages ​​to write contracts, which reduces the difficulty of learning . With the help of their professional technicians, it is very convenient experience overall. NEO’s prizes for this competition are generous, so we have come up with our best works, expecting to benefit mutually..


Tournament Committee: Which aspects of the NEO blockchain is used in Paradise Island Chess?

Crypto Labs: The technology we used involved parts of the virtual assets, game logic and data storage in the game. Paradise Island Chess issued a diamond asset NEP5 smart contract, where players can collect in game GAS through the address created by their wallet and then use the GAS to buy diamonds. We also provide a redemption function so that diamonds can be redeemed back to GAS, of course, all transaction records will be stored on the blockchain to protect the player’s assets.


Tournament Committee: You mentioned earlier that your game incorporates a voice chat function. That sounds very interesting, what kind of fun do you think players can have with this in the game?

Crypto Labs: Traditional mobile games do not have a real world setting. After entering the mobile game world most of them won’t hear or see other players in the game. The team wants to make Paradise Island Chess not just a mobile game but also a communication tool. That is why I have added this voice chat technology. Players can chat with their friends during the game. It is an interesting function and will enhance the motivation of gamers to play, however the operation of it may cause some troubles for players, such as excessive sound interference or having unclear messages. The game takes this into consideration and provides a technology for marking the voice and displaying an icon with the size of the player’s speaking volume. In addition to seeing the player who is talking, you can also prohibit a specific person to enjoy an undisturbed game.

Tournament Committee: Can you please tell us what is your follow-up plan for Paradise Island Chess?

Crypto Labs: In addition to the current gameplay a variety of other gameplay modes will be added, including ranking matches, tour matches and more. A ranking match will provide players with opportunity to earn GAS, allowing players to earn virtual currency while playing the game. In terms of what is in plan with our assets there will be competition vouchers, gold coins, various props and a few others that will be added.


Tournament Committee: You are off to a great start by getting a final Nominee Award. Finally, thank you for your cooperation. I wish you the best in the award ceremony!

Crypto Labs: Thanks for providing such a great opportunity and also thank you for your team’s technical support and assistance. We will continue to work hard and bring players a great game. I also wish your NEO blockchain game competition a complete success, thank you.

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