NEO Black Sea Community to host NEO Hackathon+

Mark your calendars! Tbilisi, Georgia is the place to be on September 28-30, 2018. NEO Black Sea Community is hosting NEO Hackathon+.

At Spotcoin, we are committed to supporting blockchain community and expanding the smart economy with solutions to everyday problems. That is why we are sponsoring the NEO Hackathon+ with our partner Georgian American University (GAU) and GeoLab. In order to give back to our home country, the hackathon aims to work in tandem with Georgian government agencies, and the Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), to explore blockchain technology solutions for the Georgian people.

Spotcoin Chief Strategy Officer — Sean Mulcahey in Signagi, Georgia during the NEO Black Sea Kickoff

“In order to make blockchain and digital currency work for everyone in the smart economy of the future, it is important to develop solutions that include participation of key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors.” Sean Mulcahey, Chief Strategy Officer said. Sean is spearheading the hackathon and he is excited by the opportunity to involve the government. He continued, “This is why Spotcoin and GAU wants to focus the event on solving a real challenge with blockchain applications. Our intention is to develop a public-private partnership to deliver value even beyond the hackathon event.”

The Topic

The new Georgian cabinet is seeking potential blockchain technology solutions to streamline the process of real estate transactions. This builds on previous administrations’ work to move land deed transfers on to the blockchain, one of the first known uses of blockchain by a national government. To advance on this, smart contracts may be used to reduce the risk associated with registration and transfer of real property. The potential streamlined solutions need to address financial concerns, reduce wrongful manipulation or fraud, and increase trust. This turns the smart contract process into one where two actions are performed as one. In this case, property registration and money transfer would happen simultaneously, almost like a technologically enhanced (and much faster) version of the centuries-old escrow process.

NEO Hackathon+ will explore ways to provide the Georgian government with process automation solutions that use blockchain hashing and timestamping to build and execute trust contracts.

Travala Co-Founder — Matthew Luczynski, Spotcoin team and Spotcoin Chief Strategy Officer — Sean Mulcahey in Signagi, Georgia during the NEO Black Sea Kickoff

The Event

The event is more than just a hackathon, it is a holistic experience. The three-part approach supports blockchain developers, information technology academics and the software development communities.

1. EDUCATION: Leading up to the NEO Hackathon+, Spotcoin and GEOLAB will host educational opportunities. NEO blockchain developers will lecture on blockchain fundamentals and conduct technical demonstrations on NEO smart contracts, and GITA representatives will present specific information on the project goal. Other government agencies are invited to work with the project to increase the relevance of the work conducted by the developers. The education series is a great opportunity for every developer interested in blockchain technology to learn from the experts in the field.

2. EXECUTION: The big event. A hackathon in Tbilisi.

3. IMPLEMENTATION: A panel of judges will select the winning application and a public-private partnership will incubate and implement the winning application.

Want to Participate?

The NEO Black Sea Community is focused on raising up the Black Sea blockchain community and invite the most qualified developers to participate. Stay tuned for registration and selection criteria. In the meantime, join the Spotcoin Facebook page or Spotcoin telegram channel for updates.

We believe in the power of community to solve shared problems. The quickest route to success involves partnership between business, academia, government, and the blockchain technology communities working together to create real solutions for real problems. NEO Black Sea Hackathon+ is just another route Spotcoin will take to make digital currencies work for everyone.

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