NEL’s NEO game ecological construction: First benchmark project “CryptoGladiator” has landed!

New Econo Lab (referred to as NEL) announced that it will launch its first benchmark game project, CryptoGladiator and hopes through this venture it will guide developers in presenting more specialty games on the NEO blockchain.

NEL is the founder of NEO’s Chinese community, co-sponsored by NNS founder Liu Yongxin and NEO core developer Li Jianying all aiming to develop NEO’s game ecology, cultivate a community of developers and to promote project launches.


1) The importance of “CryptoGladiator” in NEO’s game ecology.

   a) It establishes a benchmark to promote NEO’s game ecological construction.

NEL founder Liu Yongxin introduced with great confidence and expectations that “CryptoGladiator” (game official website: will be issued as the first commercial game on the NEO chain. Development of it will be an important node in the NEO game ecology. It will set a benchmark for early NEO game development which will help raise a myriad of developers and stimulate quality advancements in the NEO blockchain game development atmosphere.

           [NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition Launches Registration]

Furthermore it plays an important role in the first “NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition” (the official website of the competition: Hosted by NEL and supported by NEO the competition was launched in May of this year. In order to help participants better understand and use blockchain technology NEL has held many conferences across the country frequently illustrating in presentations and meetings “CryptoGladiator” as their prime example to offer developers inspiration and support their confidence in the future of NEO blockchain games.


2) Emphasize the advantages of NEO blockchain games to gamers and attract more developers to participate in its progression.

   a)  A smaller economic burden for in game payments.

If a player wants to try a new blockchain game they should first evaluate their expenses. Because most blockchain games will eventually call for the purchasing of in game virtual assets. For example with the game “Ether Cat” there is a fuel cost of approx. $1-2 for each transaction in the game. If gamers are concerned about this extra in-game spending then they should try “CryptoGladiator” or other NEO-developed blockchain games which do not charge players any fees.

   b) Faster TPS (Transaction per second) speed game experience.

At present, blockchain games mainly cater to the people in currency circles. Why? The biggest reason is that most blockchain game TPS speeds, which is a very important performance indicator are very low. Low TPS will limit gameplay and press game developers in to focus their designs more towards the direction of asset investment management. Having said that, to compare, the TPS of Ethereum is about 20 TPS, and NEO’s is 1000 TPS. For a better example, “CryptoGladiator” needs about 5 to 100 seconds of confirmation on chain operation while  “Ether Cat” will require about 5-100 minutes.

   c) Allows for more social interaction.

These games are made to be fun and perhaps because of the mentioned TPS limitations,  many other blockchain games in the current market are unentertaining. Despite the chance to generate some positive capital, blockchain games ultimately need to find the balance between better gameplay and investment appeal, which “CryptoGladiator” seems to have accomplished. Because of the faster transaction speeds of NEO games the games social interaction aspect has been greatly enhanced. For the first time a PVP Arena mode has been introduced to NEO blockchain games and players can study other gamers strategies and then fight against them to earn GAS.

                                                               [Test Screenshot]

About CryptoGladiator:

It is NEL’s first benchmark for development of a NEO game ecosystem. It has both the basic features of blockchain technology and the playable elements of traditional games. Blockchain technology guarantees the safety of online trading with other players and virtual assets under the name enjoy the characteristics of being preserved, appreciated, easy to trace and will never disappear. Their in game virtual assets are Gladiators with different looks and abilities. The players who are owners of these Gladiators can buy, sell and clone them in market and through the game they can be placed into the arena to battle and earn the in game GAS currency.

CryptoGladiator  Official Website:


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