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NBA Top Shot Designs Drop

NBA Top Shot Designs Drop

NBA Top Shot Designs Drop

The NBA holds an unparalleled position in culture. From the spectacular on-court plays that happen every night, to the street cred of player fashion, to the sneaker culture that has arisen like wildfire, the NBA is a driver for what’s new in sports, fashion, and tech.

When we announced partnership with the NBA and NBPA in July 2019 we kicked off what would become an epic journey to build the most fan-centric basketball product on the market. We did this by working with hoops fans to understand what they loved, hated, and couldn’t live without. They showed up loud and proud to give us the information we needed to build NBA Top Shot for them.

As Top Shot gets ready for public beta (are you on the list yet?), we’re now unveiling what Moments will look like:
NBA Top Shot
NBA Top Shot

Top Shots are the most epic highlights in the NBA, past and present, as three-dimensional, dynamic blocks of on-court action. These collectibles are a new kind of ticket for basketball fans to enter a world of NBA experiences and participate in the basketball economy. Top Shot has a little something for every hoop head:

Wheel and deal with other fans

The hottest new Top Shots will drop in limited edition packs, but you can put the ones you don’t want (or the ones that might have popped in value) up for sale in the peer-to-peer marketplace. More than anything else this differentiates traditional gaming from blockchain gaming. Not only is selling your assets not a violation of our TOS, we encourage you to do it!

Show off your favorite moments

You’ve gotta have a trophy case. Want to put together a showcase of the top international born players? Us too! Want to brag about your extensive collection of rookie cards? Love it! Want to assemble a group of the most savage dunks to taunt your Fantasy league? Yes. Express your fandom here.

Win new moments every day

Top Shot-driven collection challenges will unlock your Baller Status (aka who tops the Top Shot leaderboard) and also unlock collectibles that money can’t buy. Imagine completing a challenge with 9 of the top Dunks from the last decade, only to unlock one of the best Dunks of all time. You can’t buy that one, so you better step up to get it.

Build your dream team, beat your friends

Already well into development, the mobile game of Top Shot will be the best way to build not only your dream team, but the best and strongest collection of on-court moments from NBA basketball. Imagine if a deep manager game and a tap sports game had a baby. Yeah. We love it too. Coming later this year.

NBA Top Shot is built on Flow, a new blockchain built by Dapper Labs. Flow ensures scalability to the size of the NBA fanbase and removes the friction that makes it difficult for an average fan to play blockchain games today. As we on-board millions of consumers into the world of decentralization, we were careful to ensure they could do so without fear or confusion.

While we move into the next phase of inviting fans into the beta, we’ll be drawing from the waitlist of fans who have been with us from Day 1. To secure your place in line, visit and register for early access.

This step is just the start, so stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

Talk hoops with us on Twitter.

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