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Muspelheim, The Realm of Fire is coming soon

The second chapter begins with the opening of the 5th world known as Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire. Being the source of heat in all Nine Realms, Muspelheim introduces a completely new concept of Lizard monsters and a new glorious battlefield. Time to gear up and get ready to fight battles against powerful monsters with even more powerful weapons! The heaviest fights are yet to come!

The second chapter includes the following updates:

🗺 World 5: Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire

😈 Monster Collection

📈 Ranking 2.0

We want you to have the best experience from our upcoming features, thus we have decided to release detailed overviews of each, one by one, leading up to the official updates. Stick around for the latest news and updates!

Muspelheim: The Realm of Fire 🔥

A terrifying new world decimated by fiery lava pits and overrun by a race of hard-skinned lizard monsters led by their king, Surt! The harsh conditions of this world have caused the natives to evolve and develop unique abilities, turning them into mighty foes! Those who traverse here will surely meet their demise if unprepared.

The Residents of Muspelheim

Muspelheim introduces 7 new Lizard monsters with unique features and extremely high power. The Lizard concept is new due to its resistance to hot flames and hard skin.

Here come the monsters:

Short Lizard : Ready enough to fight against anyone , you would have plenty of time to meet this creature within the game.

High Lizard: Be aware of its long spare because you never know where it may come from while constantly fighting over and over again.

Rock Lizard: You will need some effort to battle against the Rock Lizard throughout the game because it’s not as cute as it seems to be.

Two-handed Axe Lizard: A powerful monster with extremely fast axes will come after stage 20. We want our players to get focused and trained on the other warriors before facing this two-handed Axe creature.

Chameleon: An evil and devious chameleon who prepares to attack whenever it sees your weak points. Neither talks nor any negotiation will work with Chameleon. No one wants to face this powerful Boss, because everyone is afraid of him. Dare to try out your luck and encounter the strongest boss of Muspelheim at stage 220 because you will only see him once.

Giant Lizard: Another strong monster in the Realm of Fire who awaits the moment to kill anyone who crosses his path. You will need another level of capacity to meet this monster after stage 20. Look forward and stay tuned to indulge in the fight against Giant Lizard.

Lizard Warrior: The Warrior boss is the protector of Muspelheim king Surt, waiting for you to fight against him on stage 210. A bit weaker than Chameleon, this boss is the second strongest monster in the Muspelheim World. Be ready, get trained, and gear up to meet up with this boss. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to meet him in future updates.

Experience the true wrath of Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire by battling the fiercest of lizard monsters and collecting powerful weapons & items! We will release the strongest monsters in incremental updates to make sure you are fully prepared for the final battle!

The first Muspelheim update will consist of 20 stages with the bosses following at a later date. Time to gear up and get ready! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon! 🚀

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