MIXMARVEL, Creators of Top ETH DApp HyperDragons, Brings Epic Dragons to TRON

The team from MIXMARVEL, creators of top ETH dApp HyperDragons, has recently announced its intention to partner with TRON to produce several titles utilizing the TRON network.

This past week, they released their first game on TRON, Epic Dragons. Players have flocked to the game, which is currently ranked in the top 3 DApps across all public blockchains according to DappRadar.

 Epic Dragons sits comfortably as a top 3 DApp in both users and transaction volume.

Team Background

TRON Arcade is excited to work with MIXMARVEL’s outstanding team of developers and track record of success creating games like Squids, Toy Wars, HyperDragons, and now Epic Dragons. MIXMARVEL is developing another game on TRON that will be released in the latter half of January.

The team has experience developing games for multiple years and has many developers in China who bring their own cultural elements to the games — Dragons, for example in HyperDragons, are a Chinese symbol of power, strength, and good luck. The team has a great understanding of the importance of creatives and visuals and gameplay and has executed this flawlessly through HyperDragons which creates rich gameplay through turn-based combat mechanisms and integration of innovative blockchain technologies such as Layer-2 scaling solutions.


Team Achievements:

MIXMARVEL’s team has shown its mastery by achieving Top 5 Status consistently among Ethereum based dApp games according to DAPPRADAR for Users, and Volume. We are excited to announce the new titles the studio intends to release in collaboration with TRON in the near future.

HyperDragons statistics from State of the Dapps

Epic Dragons statistics from DAPPRADAR


How to Play Epic Dragon

In order to play, one must register a game by either contributing some TRX or inviting a friend to also join the game universe and then play for free. Players can play as a “Warrior” in the beginning and then as a “Knight” once they have leveled up their skills and finally as a “Wizard.”

The game is played in three stages. In the first one, the player attacks the dragon. In the second phase, the player finds a dragon to invest in. In the third stage, there is a “sprint kill / final blow” session.

One can gain “honor points” by attacking a dragon, inviting friends to the platform or participating in the “spring kill / final blow” session. The “honor points” give more credits to the users that will then increase or decrease depending on the result of the final “sprint kill / final blow.”

The game is fashioned with Japanese stylistic elements but marketed toward a Chinese audience.


Join the Community

Epic Dragons is currently featured and live. You can follow the MIXMARVEL studio’s Twitter here.

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Arcade has lofty aspirations. We believe gaming can be the mainstream use case that catalyzes the mass adoption of blockchain technology as a whole. Let’s work together:

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