Mintable is Here! – Browse, Manage and Mint ERC-721s for Free

Mintable is a dApp built to support the growing use cases of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and simplify the way we interact with them.The service allows anyone including crypto gamers and token collectors to freely browse, manage and mint ERC-721 assets. This support extends to almost all of the ERC-721s in existence.

With Mintable you can:

  • Easily manage the tokens you own including wallet transfers and access control
  • Browse unowned tokens –  Easily pursue all of the ERC-721s created on the blockchain. No ABI code required
  • Mint an ERC-721 token for any information you want and store it on the blockchain in moments. Fast, no hassle, no coding. We walk you through the process step by step.

Why did we make it?

In the next year — the Ethereum blockchain will have over 200+ NFT games operating — with thousands upon thousands of players each. Every one of these players has digital items, with no central place to manage them.Mintable is here to fix that problem.

“Having been in the ERC-721 space since the beginning  I realized this is something all participants need and can benefit from. We all need a way to manage our 721 assets — a way that doesn’t include using ABI codes and complex addresses (if our grandmothers can’t do it, then its not going to be mass adopted).” – Zach of

For the past 4 months the team has been working hard to solve all the problems with current ERC-721 ecosystems including:

  • Simplifying the way we interact with ERC-721s by removing the need for coding
  • We provide one central interface to manage all of your items rather than using multiple platforms/tools
  • Transferring and exchanging your items — Most places provide a very meek interface for transfers — if they even provide anything at all!
  • Browsing the items and their value
  • Selling and Collecting — Where can you display a shopping list of items you want? Or sell your own items on a DEX?

Mintable is currently in alpha but is fully usable. In the coming months we will release a beta version with added features including user accounts and a contract exchange.

We would love to hear your feedback, what you like, problems or any improvements we can make.

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