MemesChain is about fun, pride, and $$$

There is a new app in the Blockchain marketplace/game sector, its called MemesChain, it’s free, and it’s blowing our minds away.

According to the website:

 “MemesChain is a website that helps you own and monetize your most creative memes, using the power of blockchain and AI.”

That means the memes on MemesChain cannot be plagiarized;

This is a real game-changing concept! Why is that, you ask?

Because other users can’t upload a meme which is similar to yours or same as yours. Il tell you, all the memer’s out there are tired of their memes being plagiarized on the web! The websites on which their memes reside makes money, and in return, the witty memer’s get nothing! Time to end this!

This is about to change forever, thanks to MemesChain (and the underlying BlockChain tech) a particular meme can be traced back to its origin. Rejoice! All your dank memes are about to make a lot of ETH.

Also, to add to this, I’m getting a lot of questions like, “Hey! I will just screenshot/save your meme from the  MemesChain website. What is the point in you owning it?” — Well questions like this may seem gnarly at first, but trust me they are not. This is like asking, what if I save your Profile photo, a screenshot of your popular post or even more crypto centric, a screenshot of your crypto kitty? None of the above actions are of any use, because the value of these items, either a kitty or a post is tied to the relevance and popularity of the website where it resides. So, sure you can do that, but monetization from my meme will be tied to

How about ETH? And Money?

Yes! MemesChain works on a clever concept of DANK (up) votes driven auction mechanism.

Let’s dig deep into it. As an owner of a meme, you have the ability to put your meme up for auction. But there is a catch. The starting price of your auction will be 0.001 times the number of DANK votes your meme has. Higher the number of DANK votes higher will be your starting price.

So, if your meme has 15 upvotes, you get to put it up for auction at 0.015 ETH. BAM! That’s some kind of dough you get for popularity.

If anybody wants to buy your meme which is at auction, they have to pay up whatever the current auction price is. As a part of owning the meme, the new owner will get the upvotes along with the meme. If he/she decides to sell it, the price will always be greater than that of what the previous owner sold it plus the number of votes the new owner has managed to get. Hooray! Bow to MemesChain’s marketplace!

But wait, there is more money to be made!

Let’s break down what happens when we put a meme on social networks like Twitter, Reddit etc.

  • We post a creative dank meme!
  • If our meme happens to be a dank one, it gets showered with popularity.
  • Popularity draws eyeballs and eyeballs draws advertisers.
  • Advertisers shower the social networking site with money and we get none of it!

MemesChain‘s approach is different here. If we, the memer’s opt-in to display advertisements on our meme pages, we get a big chunk of whatever our memes earn! OMG! I’m literally crying! Justice finally! This has got to be the biggest two-way win! We drop our memes link on our favorite social media sites and get rewarded with money and hopefully DANK votes!

Gameplay and Marketplace mechanics

  • Head over to
  • Click on Sign In.
  • Enter a cool memer username and proceed with the Metamask sign. Psstt. There is an easter egg on the sign-in page. Click on the default avatar and it changes.
  • Once registered, if you wish to upload a new meme (which you have created) head over to the Create Meme section
  •  Upload your meme and click on “Own this meme”.  Wait to see if your meme, is valid and real.  If it is, you are supposed to see a “Meme is valid” message.
  • Follow up with MetaMask sign and wait for around 10 to 15 seconds. You now should be able to see your meme in the My Memes section!

Auction tutorial coming soon

The process of buying and selling memes is extremely simple. If you do need a tutorial just drop comments below. I will be happy to make it.

In the end

I’m really excited, happy, and feel safe looking at  MemesChain. Here is to more dank memes!

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