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World's first blockchain strategic combat game!! active 3 months ago
active 3 months ago

Imperial Throne — Revelation of Genesis Treasure Boxes

In Imperial Throne, there are three types of limited genesis treasure boxes. The only way to obtain the genesis treasure box is to buy Imperial Throne’s ticket, Heimdall. Today, let’s reveal what is inside of these genesis boxes together! (Check out for details) Genesis Treasure Box There are three types of genesis treasure boxes […] More

Imperial Throne — Join Pre-sale Now and Get A Free Genesis Treasure Box

Imperial Throne at Imperial Throne’s tickets are now on hot pre-sale, Heimdall-Legendary is hard to obtain. Why do people snap up Imperial Throne tickets during the pre-sale period? Is there any trick to buying Heimdall-Legendary? In this article, I am going to reveal the advantages of purchasing ticket Heimdall during the pre-sale, and let […] More

Imperial Throne Intro Video

Imperial Throne is going to start its ticket pre-sale on Dec 3, 2018! Visit us at for detailed information. Imperial Throne is the first multi-player strategic war game based on the public blockchain. In the game, a player can be a lord of an empire or a leader of a tribe. Come and bid […] More

Iron Throne Is Coming This Winter!!

Soldiers, developed based on the ECR20 protocol, can not only be dispatched to fight wars, but also be traded in the in-game marketplace. There are three types of soldiers including Archer, Spearman and Cavalry who counter each other. Utilizing the suppressing relationship between soldiers, players can take advantage, for instance, to use few to defeat many. […] More

Crypto Iron Throne Introduction

Join us at Iron Throne is COMING this Winter. Iron Throne, the world first multi-player strategic war game, powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. Come and bid land, mine tokens, trade, and recruit soldiers. Various gameplays await your exploration. Join the grand war, loot treasures and obtain glory. Become the genuine king, and write your […] More