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Meet Heroes of Ethereum | Fantasy RPG on Ethereum Smart Contract

Welcome to the Kingdom of Ethereum!

Ethereum is a kingdom of many tribes living in peace with each other. For generations, this land hasn’t seen wars. Stories of the heroes of old turned into myths, swords aren’t forged anymore and the furnace in the Dwarven Forge has grown cold.

But it wasn’t always like that. Since the creation of the world, its races shed each other’s blood for power, riches, and glory. Entire centuries were spent at war. The land was covered with bodies of the fallen heroes. The afterlife was filled to the brim with souls of the warriors killed on the field of battle.

At that time, the forces of Chaos ruled the world from the shadows, corrupting the minds of the kings with a thirst for new lands, new power, and new resources. Wars, atrocities, and death fed the Chaos, strengthened its grip on the world while hordes of monsters ravaged the cities and defiled the temples of the Order.

Only the secret circle of mages have found it in themselves to oppose the Chaos, break the vicious cycle and purge the Chaos with the strongest of spells. The spell that demanded a sacrifice of hundreds of the strongest warriors to the Order. The balance was restored. Over the decades that followed, the tribes have learned to live at peace with each other and united into the single Kingdom of Ethereum.

Now, three hundred years later, the forces of Chaos have raised their heads again, looking to plunge this peaceful land into the neverending bloodshed once more. Chaos creeps its way into the minds of its denizens, the dungeons echo with the shrieks of nightmarish creatures again. The distant descendants of the ancient heroes are ready to take up the arms and learn the half-forgotten spells to fight back the ancient foe. Can they beat the Chaos, hungry for their minds, or will they give in? Will they topple the centuries-old balance and drown the land in blood? All depends on you. You are a proud dweller of the Kingdom of Ethereum and you can decide, what will be its future.

Heroes of Ethereum is a hybrid of various game mechanics inspired by tabletop roleplaying card games, enhanced by the digital computing capabilities provided by decentralized Ethereum blockchain.

You can buy and sell any in-game resources. All of them, including the heroes themselves, are ERC-721 tokens and are protected from being blocked by developers as well as from theft.

The Order, having foreseen the plans of the Chaos, sent the heroes sacrificed at the end of the last dark age back into the land of the living. Two races got 150 mighty warriors back, each capable of masterfully wielding any weapon and ready to train other denizens and teach them the art of war. Humans and Orcs were the first to answer the call and they are already available for hire.

Ancient heroes are sold at the pre-sale and can provide training services to other heroes. After the launch of the first chapter, you can offer training services to other players to sharpen the skills of their heroes at a price you define yourself.

We aim to develop market relations between the characters in-game and later we will introduce more heroes that can help other characters in various ways. At the moment, only ancient heroes are capable of that.

You can buy your first Hero on the Pre-Sale here.

In the face of danger, the people who have never seen combat for three hundred years, have found themselves preparing for war. Wooden axes and toy crossbows are useless on the field of battle and training dummies don’t fight back. And yet it is the best way to learn the basics before the horde of monsters come knocking on your door. Praise the Order, the ancient heroes are here and can teach you proper fighting skills. Not for free, of course.

Recruit heroes in your personal area or buy heroes from other players. Train their skills with the help of the ancient heroes to make your heroes ready for battle with the monsters that are about to break free from the dungeons.


Newly recruited heroes are randomly generated and get unique appearance and attribute values. You initiate the generation yourself and nobody can influence the outcome. You can improve your chances of hiring a rare hero by offering a larger reward.

The Tavern

If you don’t want to take the risk, you can buy a previously generated heroes from other players at the Tavern. Here you will see the list of heroes put up for sale. You can sell your heroes here as well.

Chapter One is available on the test-net Rinkeby. You can hire own hero and sell/buy it in Tavern. Go to Chapter One

The forges are hot once more, the weapons and armors are being forged. The marketplaces are open for heroes to buy gear before venturing into dungeons. Humans and Orc recruits were followed by the Dwarves, the master smiths capable of equipping entire armies.

Now you can hire Dwarves and provide crafting services. You can buy common equipment at a marketplace and try to recreate rare artifacts at the forge, but keep in mind, that dwarven smiths have a significantly better chance for success.

The Chaos gathers its strength and the monsters that hid in the dungeons for centuries began raiding towns, slaughtering cattle and pillaging villages. You have gained fighting skills and armed yourself with a weapon, so it is time to test yourself in battle!

Delve into dungeons to clear them from monsters, but beware the deepest of the monster lairs. The legends say, they hide the powerful ancient evil, that remains undefeated to this day even by the strongest of the warriors of old.

In the dungeons, you may find treasure, as well as enemies. These treasures will help you on your way or be sold to other players.

We plan run Chapter One on the Ethereum mainnet for a currently month.If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Join our telegram group.

Pre-Sale link | Chapter One on Testnet

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