Lucid Sight Update: CSC sells the #1 Most Valuable Pre-Launch Game Asset!

Los Angeles based game developer Lucid Sight is extremely pleased to announce that as a result of the overwhelming support of their fans and community, ​Crypto Space Commander​ has just achieved a major milestone with the sale of 3 of their premium pre-sale items. It is the first Blockchain game company, outside of Axiom Zen (CryptoKitties), to sell a blockchain game asset for over 80 ETH!

Proxima Trading Outpost, Sigma Battlecruiser, and Hayato Cruiser all sold for a total of ​142 ETH ​(​over $90,000 USD​). This makes CSC the ​first major blockchain-based game built in Unity3D to sell digital assets at such a high value.

Combined with individual ship and voucher sales, this is an enormous feat that brings the team total to over ​180 ETH ​in​ ​just over​ 2 weeks​!

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1) Proxima Trading Outpost​ is the Largest Pre-launch game asset sold at 83 ETH ($52,236) second to Age of Wulin pre-launch auction selling a Sword for $16,000

Proxima Trading Outpost @​ 83.123 ETH ($52,367.49 USD) The Proxima Trading Outpost will be the CLOSEST outpost not in the Sol system (Earth’s solar system) and will be the ONLY outpost in the game at launch that is player-owned. We will never sell rights to another outpost in Core Space again. The winner of Proxima will have the ability to set rates and fees for activities at the station. As the owner they would collect 95% of all revenue generated.


2) Sigma Battlecruiser ​is the largest amount paid for a game Spaceship asset both on and off the blockchain, second to Eve Online’s Revenant SuperCarrier sold for $9,000

Sigma Battlecruiser @​ 41.56 ETH ($26,182.8 USD) The ONLY player-ownable Dreadnaught Class capital ship available at launch. It will have the ability to travel instantly anywhere in the universe within 20 light years. This will also be the ONLY ship of it kind sold by the Galactic Federation (Lucid Sight). Future ships of this kind will be player craftable only.


3) Hayato Cruiser @​ 17.7 ETH ($11,151 USD) Designed for our beloved fan Ikeda Hayato (Ikehaya | @ihayato), the Hayato Cruiser is one of the fastest ships in the universe, boasting FTL speeds of 10 Light Years Per Hour! This ship is one-of-a-kind and will be the only one ever be sold this one time.



Co-Founders Quotes:

“This is the first crypto game being designed and built in the game engine Unity. We are bringing traditional game design experience to dApp gaming. CSC will have all the fun of a traditional space sandbox game, but with true digital ownership. Players can discover, build, improve ships and weapons but now they can be collected and sold, which was never possible before blockchain.” – Randy Saaf, CEO Lucid Sight

“For the first time ever, players will be in direct control of their assets and the game economy. This gives players the ability to truly get involved in the game universe.” – Octavio Herrera, COO ​Lucid Sight

“CSC will be unlike any other space MMO that currently exists — we’re not only giving players control over the game’s world but the economics behind the game that make it grow and flourish. “ – Fazri Zubair, CTO ​Lucid Sight

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