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Light Trail Rush: Vehicular action blockchain gaming experience at its best!

B2Expand has released a pre-alpha of their title game, Light Trail Rush.

LTR is an arcade-style vehicular brawler type and free-flowing 3D space flight hybrid game. Eight players compete for points in a wildly-paced atmosphere, where the 1st place driver has the liberty in forming the track and the following seven other players aim to push their competitors ships off the track in order to overtake the lead. 

The race leader, titled the TRACER flies and ‘designs’ a 3D track in real-time using plane-like controls, while attempting to throw it’s challengers off-track and gaining points throughout the duration of their reign.

The other players, called the CHASERS race behind the leader attempting to beat and become the new TRACER. The final winner is the first player to hit the set point total.

For the blockchain aspect, in this version, when the players enter their ETH address for holding NxC, the environment will feature elements which are unique to each player. 

The development teams vision is to deliver rich gameplay combined with a true blockchain gaming experience. The team will release their second world in late November, which will be more of a playground stage for blockchain gamers who can use and play with their Light Trail Rush NFT’s in the game. Their gameplay experience and environment will change according to the assets they’re holding.

Official Website:

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