League of Kingdoms Land Main Sale

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms, the world’s first decentralized MMO strategy game announced its first main sale after its successful launch in July 2020. The game is a large scale MMO strategy game, where thousands of players can play across devices. The game supports web, iOS and Android devices. The game uniquely takes place on the Land tokens that are written on the Ethereum blockchain and owned by users. The game has been on Beta most of 2020 and enjoyed by some 40,000 users around the world. The game embodies the blockchain game concept where various in-game assets can be crafted, tokenized and traded freely across the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, its resources (i.e. lumbers, stones, golds, foods) are actively minted and traded in the open market, like the

What is League of Kingdoms Land?

League of Kingdoms Lands are non-fungible tokens(NFT) with capped supplies.

The entire gameplay takes place on these lands and they produce resources used in the game and development rewards in the form of DAI tokens, based on the Land’s development progress. This is one of the first NFTs to have intrinsic reward (cash) flows that are more quantifiable than speculative. 

The first main sale

The sale will supply some 3.7K of the treasury Land NFTs that are owned by the game studio. The sale will take place on 13th of January 2021 in the form of dutch auction and will be followed by weeks of primary sales (Jan 26 2021 –> Jan 31 2021)  where users can purchase unsold portions from the auction at fixed prices. Entire sales will take place at the land portal website (

Its most coveted parcels, including ones surrounding shrines or the congress will be auctioned as high as 1195.95 USD equivalent in ETH or other ERC-20 tokens that are supported by Kyber network’s Kyber Swap service.

More detail about the sale can be found on this blog.

This sale has been determined by the game’s own ‘land main sale protocol’, which clearly lays out the set of guidelines for the token sales. “Most NFTs tend to experience abrupt unexpected ups and downs due to speculative hypes, derived from the lack of good ways to valuate these digital assets. So we gave much thought and emphasis on minimizing the uncertainties and providing best possible assurance for those who are looking to purchase our Land tokens. We devised a series of protocols to mitigate risk in terms of timing, quantity and pricing so current landowners can have more visibility for future supplies and guard against possible dilution of their assets.” Said Han Yoo, the marketing head of the game studio, speaking of the ‘main sale protocol’. 

More information about the land main sale protocol can be found on this blog.

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