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This is a historic day for sports fans and blockchain enthusiasts alike as Lucid Sight and MLB have joined forces to create an entirely new genre of sports collecting and digital scarcity,” said Lucid Sight Co-Founder and CEO Randy Saaf. “There are only so many firsts in human history. This is a big deal for sports collecting and blockchain technology.

I remember as a kid growing up one of my favorite past times was collecting baseball cards. It was an adventure to go to the convenience store and pick up packs of O-Pee-Chee baseball cards for only 25 cents each. The kicker was a pink stale tasting stick of gum that was in each pack you just had to chew when going through your cards. Most times you would get repeats of the average players that you would just throw away or use for the spokes on your bike to make that cool flipping sound. Then there were would be one rare time when your heart just stopped because after opening ten packs you finally get that one golden rookie Cal Ripken or Barry Bonds card you carefully place in your plastic card protector sleeves. As a kid it was fun to collect cards but not for the reason of value, it was more in achieving that feeling of ownership of something you knew was rare plus it was a way to have that special connection with your favorite sports idols.

I know I didn’t have that one 1952 Mickey Mantle card in my collection worth now approx. $525,000 but boy was that a mistake selling my collection of cards for cheap at one of our garage sales back in 85′ which would be worth at least a few thousand today. Never did I have in mind that the value of these cards would appreciate. Again though it was the ownership aspect which was exciting. Times are different now and card collecting is not like what it use to be. These days there are too many different series of the same star players and they make runs of hundreds of thousands each which dilutes the uniqueness of the players cards not to mention the devaluation of them. More importantly though they don’t put that bad tasting stick of gum in the card packs anymore! 🙂

We are also in the digital age where kids are into video games and they like collecting things that are less tangible like the SCAR Assault Rifle in Fortnite. Gratifyingly, for us a little older this period has brought about some new technology which helps resurface that nostalgic feeling we had in the past when we were building our card collections. It is called blockchain technology, more specifically the Ethereum blockchain and the team from Lucid Sight have partnered with the official licensee of the MLB to bring the future of gathering collectibles with their soon to be released cryptogame, MLB Crypto Baseball

MLB Crypto Baseball will run partly on Ethereum, which is a shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property over peer-to-peer networks. In MLB Crypto Baseball, Ether will be exchanged for Blockchain-secured MLB Cryptos, such as interactive avatar figures and digital collectibles commemorating special moments, featuring official marks from MLB and all 30 MLB Clubs. The Ethereum blockchain secures each MLB Crypto as an immutable asset and ensures that it has a single owner, creating the same rarity as any traditional physical collectible. Once the initial run sells out the only way to acquire new MLB Cryptos will be from other users on the MLB Crypto Marketplace.

Lucid Sight and MLB are pioneering the new wave of collecting licenced collectibles!

Collectibles have always been a key component of the MLB experience, and we’re excited to bring awhole new flavor of digital souvenirs to our fans,” said Kenny Gersh, EVP, Gaming & New BusinessVentures, Major League Baseball. “MLB Crypto Baseball will be the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and our fans’ passions for their favorite teams.


About Lucid Sight
Lucid Sight is a Los Angeles based video game company founded by serial entrepreneurs Randy Saaf andOctavio Herrera and experienced game developer Fazri Zubair. The company has released games thathave earned more than 1 million downloads on Steam, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Daydream, and PlayStation.Lucid Sight is an early leader in the blockchain game ecosystem and is committed to bringing blockchain gaming to the masses with high-quality games.

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