Kingdoms Beyond – A Deep Dive into Heroes

Welcome to Kingdoms Beyond! A fantasy realm where heroes populate its many kingdoms.

In the vast universe of kingdoms, everything is composed of one primary element, which the people have named “enerji”. Be it dead, alive, or somewhere in-between, if it exists, it is composed of enerji.*

Having been gifted by fate with the ability to manipulate the fundamental flow of enerji, heroes are ordinary people who can do extraordinary things. Be it a self-proclaimed warrior who uses enerji to bolster his physique, or a mage who shapes enerji into bursts of flame, each hero — driven by individual passions and goals — uses this gift to write their own story.

* There /may/ be some exceptions (as with all things).

What defines a Hero?


Heroes are first and foremost ERC-721tokens. This means that heroes can be stored and owned as tokens in crypto wallets. Trade them freely to other players for real money.

Heroes that are tokenized are also token-backed by either ETH or DAI. For more information on Token Backing, please read our detailed article here.

The game devs (that’s us!) won’t have the power to be able to destroy your heroes or the value of the hero. With blockchain, users can potentially even use these heroes in other games.


A hero’s class determines what weapons and trinkets it can equip as well as its max level. Heroes of a class may also be associated with stats. For example, a mage will typically have low physical capabilities.

Class Variant

Heroes are defined by class-variant pairs. The variant of a class determines a hero’s specific distribution of stats and its pool of potential abilities.

The following are examples of class variants for the Warrior class.

Example of class variants for the Knight class

For the warrior class, a small portion of class variants include the Paladin, Duelist, and Death Knight. The Paladin specializes in healing magic and defensive buffs around allies. The Duelist is extremely agile and focuses on technical skill. The Death Knight deals enormous damage at the cost of its own life. Each has its own unique stats and abilities.

Furthermore, the class variant determines the armour that the hero wears.


Each hero has a gene that is generated on creation that determines the following:

  • skin colour
  • hair style
  • hair colour

The appearance of a hero varies and is unique.

The following is an example of how the hero’s hair style changes among the Death Knight class.

Sample appearances for the Death Knight Class Variant

The appearance of the hero is dependent on the rarity and class variant that it belongs in. As a result, a hero of legendary rarity will have more epic hair than that of a common one.


Heroes can equip various items to aid them on their adventures. Items can be found throughout the in-game universe and can be tokenized as well. These items are fully functioning ERC-1155 tokens and just like heroes, are backed with ETH or DAI. Items consist of weapons and trinkets.


Weapons generally offer a significant increase to a hero’s offensive capabilities. As mentioned above, weapon categories and classes are associated with each other. For example, a Mage may only wield staffs.


Trinkets offers a hero defensive capabilities and potentially unique combat-effects.


An asset of Kingdoms Beyond falls under one of six possible rarities.

The higher the rarity of an asset, the better the quality of its stats and / or abilities.

Rarity of Heroes

The class-variant pair of a hero determines its rarity. There is a hard cap for hero variants that are rare or higher. Legendary heroes will have a hard cap of 100 heroes per class-variant pair. That means a legendary class-variant such as the Death Knight will only have 100 heroes.

Every Genesis hero is truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

Comparison of a regular Fire Blast vs a special Fire Blast obtainable by Legendary heroes

Legendary and Genesis heroes have special effects for their abilities. For example the normally reddish-yellow Fire Blast appears blue and white instead for a Legendary hero.


Battles are strategic, turn-based matches where a player’s decisions play an important part in determining the outcome of a match. Players will only be battling monsters in the initial launch, with PvP rolling out in a future update.

Each battle takes place with up to three heroes. Metas can form so it is important to gather a diverse group of heroes. Forming the perfect team requires strategy. Consider protecting your ‘glass cannon’ heroes with ‘tankier’ ones.

Each turn, the user selects three actions to perform. An action could be moving a hero to another square or using an ability. Hero movement can be used to dodge an enemy skill shot and is crucial for better positioning later in the game.


Each hero has a certain number of abilities that it can obtain. However, the maximum number of abilities a hero is allowed to use in battle is four. The types of abilities that are currently possible are:

  • Passive: Abilities that are constantly active and give the hero a boost throughout the battle
  • Skill Shot: Abilities that hit a certain area of the map
  • Targeted: Abilities that always hit the target

Each hero starts with a full enerji bar which slowly replenishes. Abilities cost enerji to use. Abilities can deal damage and / or inflict status effects. Enerji management is important in successfully defeating an opponent!

The following is an example of an ability in game.

What’s to come?

These features won’t be available in the initial launch but are planned for release at a later date.


Certain class variants will be upgradeable. The requirements for upgrading a hero include maxing out its level.

Warrior at level 1 vs its upgraded, level 100 form

An upgrade will increase the max level of a hero and result in more abilities that the hero can learn. Its overall armour (and naturally, overall stats) will also improve.


Elves and Dwarves may be in future generations of heroes!


The best way to connect with them is through their Discord. They will be doing several giveaways leading up to their release.

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