Just what the Blockchain needs – Pirates. Arrrghh!

Blisterin’ barnacles!  A new digital collectible lets you be a pirate on the blockchain, just for fun that is. Skullys, the latest entrant to the world of digital kitties, Formula 1 cars and Major League Baseball is introducing a new reward-based digital collectible, featuring uniquely designed ghost pirate skulls on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Users can collect a Skully that best embodies their alter ego and embark on a hunt for the loot through a location-based services (LBS) game that allows players the ability to perform geo-flagging tasks, à la raise your Jolly Roger flag, and claim a booty in the form of PO8 tokens. PO8 tokens, named after the famous “Piece of Eight” coin during the Golden Age of Piracy, were 8 reale silver coins minted by Spain with a distinctive “8” stamped into it.  The tokens are redeemable to purchase in-game booster accessories, unlocking new powers and increasing the earning potential of a Skully.  Skully owners are also able to sell their hard earned PO8 tokens on the DOBI cryptocurrency exchange later this month in exchange for other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.  

The salty dog NFTs have been unearthed from the depths of the ocean inside Davy Jones’ Locker thanks to a collaboration between Skullys and PO8, a Bahamian tech firm tokenizing underwater artifacts and providing access to artifact-based investments, while bridging capital gaps in conservation finance.  

We’re excited to be introducing a new type of digital collectible to the NFT space,” said Skullys Co-founder Frank Yglesias.  “Skullys are unique in the sense that it rewards collectors for engaging with fellow Skully owners through geo-flagging and the more they engage and earn, the rarer and more valuable their collectible becomes.”  Player engagement with a sense of adventure is what Skullys sets to accomplish in its current release of its collectibles.  

Skullys’ friendly user interface makes it ideal for even the novice of digital collectors, and will play a big role in attracting its early adopters.  “The easy functionality of Skullys serves as an important springboard to drive mass adoption for NFT use, especially among the crypto hodler community not looking for an elaborate crypto game, but rather something quick and easy to do,” said PO8 Co-founder and COO Raul Vasquez.  “Why not raise your colors next time you’re at your neighborhood Starbucks and earn some free PO8 tokens while indulging on a Frappuccino.  All in less than five minutes.”

Future updates on Skullys will include introducing new ways to earn even more loot, including defending and battling fellow Skullys during geo-flagging and bringing augmented reality to the mix.

To start collecting your Skully, head over to the Port of Call marketplace at, or find them at popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarebits.  Skullys is a member of the Non-Fungible Alliance.

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