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Join Renewed Referral Program and Earn More!

Hello, Blockchaingamer!

We are very excited to announce, that we’ve updated Dragonglass referral program! According to renewed program, any user, who holds more than 10,000 DGS, will earn 50% from affiliate’s referrals! And those, who aren’t DGS holders, will receive 20% of ETH from referral’s purchases on TGE.

What is Dragonglass referral program, you may ask? In short, this is a great and easy way for you to earn some extra ETH by helping to spread the word about Dragonglass project!

Wanna be a holder and earn more? You can get DGS from Dragonglass ICO or buy on CoinExchange.

And now let’s see how it works:

  • As soon as a person enters our website ( via a referral link provided by you, and goes to Dragonglass Token Sale ( he/she becomes your referral.
  • You’re eligible to receive up to 50% of every token purchase made by your referral over the next 7 days after he/she clicked on your referral link.
  • You, as an affiliate, will receive your commission in ETH.
  • This commission will be paid at the end of every month after 0.5 ETH will be on your account.
  • Also, you can keep track of your referrals and see how many ETH you’ve earned from their purchases.

Why should you join? It is an easy and productive way of earning extra coin without doing much!

Great, so you want to join and become an affiliate? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to and register.
  • Wait until our team will approve you to the affiliate status.
  • After you’ve become an approved affiliate, just go back to, copy your new unique affiliate link.
  • Share it with everyone and receive commissions from every paid transaction made by your friends and family! (Yes, it is that simple)

By doing so, Dragonglass community is becoming a little bit closer and friendlier to each other. Thanks for it and see you in Dragonpit!

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