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IOST official launch of their flagship blockchain games and dapps

Starting 10 March, 2019 IOST will be the fourth most playable public chain platform beyond Ethereum, EOS and Tron. By virtue of our PoB mechanism, IOST will also become the most scalable and decentralized public blockchain available for users and developers.

IOST will bring more truly playable Dapps to our community members. Prominent Dapp development teams who are working with IOST include:

  • Team Joy – the team behind the world’s first blockchain leisure competitive game platform;
  • Liar Game team – the team behind the creative lying game that tests the limits of human nature;
  • IOST Game – the team behind the core development and operation of Realm 10 game on IOST;
  • White Matrix – the team behind the award-winning sandbox growth game;
  • Endless Game – the leading game developer on EOS,
  • Eversystems – the team behind the popular Japanese blockchain game CryptoNinja
  • and many other high-quality game teams who will launch other various Dapps on the IOST Mainnet.

Following comprehensive preparation by the Dapp development teams, we have a long-awaited set of Dapps which will be deployed on the IOST Mainnet on 10 March, 2019. We welcome all community members to get involved and play around with these games.

To start with, we are unveiling six selected gaming Dapps. There will be more amazing Dapps that are launching alongside the IOST Mainnet!


1. IOST JOY (Team Joy)

The first-ever blockchain leisure competitive game platform in the world, Team Joy is a blockchain version of Glutton Snake that many players can play on simultaneously.

Players control the snake using a mouse, and can increase the snake’s movement speed by left-clicking. Similar to the traditional Snake game, the snake’s length grows as it consumes the colored beans, and players have to avoid collisions between the snakes. Besides being addictively fun, users can also earn IOST and JOY tokens from playing Glutton Snake!

2. Liar Game

Liar Game originated from a popular Japanese TV series and movie of the same name – Liar Game. Despite a simple game mechanism, Liar Game gives players significant room to exhibit devious and deceitful game maneuvers.

This is a game with philosophical experimental significance, as it reflects the loyalty, betrayal, trust and fraud mimicking society and human nature.


3. Realm X

Realm X and IOST Game apply blockchain technology to the gaming industry to redistribute value to players.

Realm X is a sandbox game built on the blockchain, where players from all walks of life are encouraged to create their own content in the game using their own imagination. All player creations are on-chain assets and eligible for subsequently generated profits.


4. Cell Evolution

Cell Evolution is the first blockchain-based decentralized sandbox operation strategy game in which all players play a corresponding role in the cell population. In this population, we need to balance our overall fitness, survivability and reproductivity. When cell populations are unbalanced, users as a group will fail to evolve.

Cell Evolution is not just a game, it’s a real-life social group experiment. Users play the role of a protocell, and countless roles for users will determine the common fate of the population.



5. Endless Game

Endless Game provide various games for players, ranging from simple decentralized games to more appealing strategic and RPG games and more.

Features of transparency and openness enabled by blockchain and smart contract make Endless Dice fair and equitable for players. The system releases IOST dividends every day. Everyone wins at Endless Game!

6. CryptoNinja

On CryptoNinja, users play the role of a Ninja to invade castles of other users and robbing their treasure (Coins).
In addition to invading the castle with a Ninja, you can use Coins stop other Ninjas (which are other users) from invading your castle by setting traps in your castle for other Ninjas.
Ninjas and Castles are securely tracked using blockchain technology, minimizing fraudulent activities for digital assets.

More game Dapps are coming up. Stay tuned!

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