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Introducing the new Cryptage Origins UI

Thanks to your amazing feedback and our team’s relentless efforts, today we are moving one big step closer to the final release.

We are introducing a new, redesigned Cryptage Origins UI.

It will be going live today, simply replacing the current Origins Beta interface and requiring no action from your side — you simply show up and continue playing where you left off (you’ll probably have to do a hard refresh in case that you’ve played the game before — try Ctrl + Shift + R).

The idea behind the new interface came from the general feedback we received from the community, which can mostly be summed up with “we love the artwork and the looks of Cryptage, but we wish there weren’t as many numbers all over the place”.

So that’s where we introduced changes — in the overall layout and the way your locations, projects and cards are displayed.

Without further ado, why not check it out now?

Moving forward

We would love to hear more feedback from you guys before we call this iteration of the interface the final one.

You can stop by our Discord and tell us how you like it compared to the previous UI, how it’s working out for you, what you think is unnecessary or missing and, of course, any bugs you happen to notice.

Your feedback means the world to us and your efforts will not go unnoticed — we have a bunch of rare cards and booster packs ready to giveaway to all of you who help us out. (All of those are cards for the final game that’ll be running on the Ethereum mainnet, just to be clear!)

In the meantime, we’re working away on upgrading the mechanics of the game to make it as fun and interesting to play in the long run as possible. And we think you’ll love the amount of new things that are coming for Cryptage.?

Until next time, talk to you on Discord and see you on the Leaderboard!

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