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Introducing ‘Mossland: The Auction‘

This is Team Mossland and we proudly announce that we are launching a new service that you have all been waiting for.

On October 12th we officially start Mossland: The Auction bidding of virtual properties!

Time is ticking and you must be curious but before explaining the Mossland: The Auction we would first have to introduce Mossland: The City.

What is Mossland: The City?

  • Mossland: The City is a location based Mobile Augmented Reality(AR) game that will launch on the 4th quarter of 2019. In this game players can view the actual buildings around you and purchase the virtual real-estate online. By using the blockchain based cryptocurrency, Moss Coin, you can safely purchase and trade in game real-estate and augment the buildings with various AR accessories. Users can enjoy the game while trading and interacting with other players.

Mossland: The City Trailer

What is the Mossland: The Auction?

  • ‘Property’ are all the buildings that can traded in ‘Mossland: The City.’ ‘Mossland: The Auction’ is a service provided for players to start bidding on unique landmark properties that will be traded in the game before anyone else.
  • Starting the opening of October 12th, each friday five landmark properties will be released in the auction. Everyone who has an account for the Mossland: The Auction can participate in the auction, and the landmark is given to the user with the highest bid.

Do not be disappointed for not winning the bid, the participants receive incentives for just participating in the auction!

  • The winning bidder receives 80% of the Moss Coin that was used for the final bid and the remaining 20% is given to the other participants in the auction.
  • The user who is the owner of the property can auction out the Landmark to other users through a new auction on the open market.

Mossland: The Auction (Example)

Why participate in Mossland: The Auction?

  • Mossland: The City provides an opportunity for anyone in the world to own a virtual building. Users can be an owner of a virtual real-estate after completing tasks and missions. This can be a famous building in your area, your school, your workplace, even a cafe that you often go to.
  • You can become a forerunner of the virtual property that has actual value. Applying Augmented Reality(AR) advertisements to your buildings can generate additional values.
  • It would be much more difficult for users to own unique landmarks after Mossland: The City launches and is provided to more users. Mossland: The Auction provides a one and only opportunity for the potential users of the game to monopolize in owning the exclusive landmarks.
  • There are no limits and predictions on how high your property’s price might rise. You can expect a huge increase in your pre-acquired landmark property when Mossland: The City has an explosive number of users.
  • Due to the nature of any auctioning system, there will always be a chance where a good landmark can be bought at a low price. Constantly checking the prices of the landmarks and checking out the auction pages will be an exciting experience.

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Events and Pre-Registration for the Auction

Mossland: The Auction will have a global official release on October 12th. If you submit your pre-registration email inside Mossland: The Auction, you can enjoy the free 500 Moss Coin that can be used in the auction after the bidding starts. You will be provided with the constant updates as well.

Please look forward to the massive events that will be held with the launch of the auction!

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