Introducing Angel Battles

We would like to introduce, a card Dapp game. 

Unlike many Dapp games that might have a flurry of transactions in the first day or so and then flare out to almost nothing, our app has a growing and engaged community and is under constant development. Most of the actions in the game are free, and the card prices are very reasonable if not free. 

There are four main tokens in the game – Angels, Pets, Accessories, and Medals. 

Some of the main modules include the Arena Battles, where you can defeat wild pets and recruit them to join your team, the Aura Training module where you can hone your pets aura colors, and the breeding module, where you can create new, powerful hybrids. We also have a leaderboard with the top 20 players from around the globe.  

Any company or entity can also open a Sponsored Leaderboard, where players who win will get to take home a share of the ETH. 

Our next main release is battleboards, a 2d Chess-like game where players can fight monsters and other players to win their opponent’s pets or ETH. 

If you want more info, please head over to our discord or check out our Medium


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Written by EthAngelBattles

Build an army of angels, fallen angels, and their pets to take on monsters and the world's top players in this game on the Ethereum blockchain.

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