Imperial Throne Ticket Pre-sale Starts Now 

Heimdall-Legendary Sold Out in 6 Minutes

To the expectation of many blockchain game lovers, Imperial Throne ticket pre-sale starts today at 2:00 p.m. (UTC+8) on December 3, 2018. These one and only 000 series Heimdall tickets can now be purchased on our official website at were sold out in only 6 minutes. For players who want to join us in the alpha test, please seize the chance in time! As of now, Heimdall-Legendary have been sold out, and only 58 Heimdall-Rare left!

During the pre-sale period, for every 90 regular Heimdall sold, 1 Heimdall-Legend will be generated in time. Players who want to purchase Heimdall-Legendary, please pay close attention to the dynamic pre-sale on our official website at

Let’s look at some questions about our first alpha test that you may be interested in.

About The Ticket-Heimdall

The ticket to Imperial Throne is called Heimdall. It is the only entry ticket to the game. The ticket you purchased is stored on the Main Ethereum Network, but this alpha test will be carried out on the Ropsten Test Network. Before the test is started, we will map the tickets on the main network to the test network under the wallet address of the ticket. Please pay attention to the official mapping time, and make sure that your ticket is stored in your wallet at that time, otherwise you will lose your test qualification.

About The Treasure Box

Players who participate in the pre-sale will receive a treasure box when buying tickets on the official website. The rarer of the ticket, the higher the value of the treasure box.

After you purchase the ticket, the treasure box will not appear in the MetaMask. It can be opened and checked in the game. Players are free to choose when to open the treasure box.

Land Use Right

At the beginning of this alpha test, the player who owns Heimdall-Legendary on the Ropsten Test Network will be given the privilege to take over a piece of land (for the alpha test only) and become a Lord.

If a piece of land is defeated three times in a row within the game, the system will confiscate the lord’s right to use this piece of land and put it back into auction. Other players can bid freely in the game. The successful bidder gets the right to take over the land, and the T·ITT used to make the last bid will be fully refunded to the player inside of a Mythic Card called GAEA.


Since this test is the first alpha test (test version: Myth of Origin), we aim to find the existing problems such as the instability, the imbalance and the inconvenience of the game. If you find any bug or have some comments and suggestions about the game, please contact us through our official channels. If your advice is helpful to us, we will give out reward for your support and contribution.

Alpha Test (Ropsten Test Network)

Note: After the alpha, all assets related to the test will be deleted on the Ropsten Test Network (Heimdall tickets on the Main Ethereum Network will not be affected).

Please do not trust others who make off-game transactions regarding to Imperial Throne’s assets for the alpha test.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the content and the alpha test of Imperial Throne, please check the FAQ and the whitepaper on, or contact us through social media channels.




Wechat: Infungame2018

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