“Imperial Rush” Announced to Celebrate a New Era of Hybrid Blockchain Games

Wild Block to reveal the potential for mass adoption of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the gaming industry with the release of a new hybrid blockchain strategy game “Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes”.

The advantages of running decentralized applications on open sourced and trustworthy smart contracts with pure ownership of in-app assets creates a major challenge for today’s state of the market.

Distributed ledger tolerates any external influence to the game balance making it impossible for developers to diminish value of player’s achievements, subsequently impacting gameplay and how it will be designed therein. Wild Block established its elaborate approach to the reinvention of gaming mechanics tailored to accommodate blockchain technologies in dApps development (Official Press Release, 18 September 2018). “Imperial Rush” will then become the first title built from scratch to utilize all the advantages of trustless decentralized environment.

“Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” features two fractions in a conflict with dozens of unique races, inhabiting the new world in order to gain control over vast territories and valuable resources. Players will be able to establish kingdoms, gather resources, fight for territory and glory with their mighty heroes.

At the core of gameplay is an elaborated economic model with complex dependencies. Most valuable game assets – Heroes are cryptographically unique tokens, whose ownership rights are stored on the blockchain, rather than in a form of centralized database that can be falsified or cease to exist. Every resource (such as Wood, Stone, Iron, etc.) can be transferred or traded freely within the game ecosystem. That creates an open market with prices determined by the players based on principles of supply and demand.

The gaming world map, which is also stored on the distributed ledger, is visualized in hexagonal tiles constituting the vast territories to explore. In practice, discovering new territories by players will actually create new tokens on the blockchain. Summoning and evolving mighty Heroes is amongst the most anticipated feature of the game resulting in a highly eventful and involving gameplay.

“Imperial Rush” is a game of pure skill and strategy. Player’s achievements depends on the mental and physical abilities, tactical prowess, and exceptional control over their own characters and interacting with other players. Chance and randomness generated by a computer will not be a determinant of players’ achievements.

“Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” development started in 2018. Game release date is expected to be announced in 2019. A Bounty Campaign will take place in February 2019, offering players an opportunity to reserve genesis Heroes and be among the first to play the game. Most Heroes will be available exclusively during Bounty Campaign and will never be offered again.

Please refer to official “Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” website for more information:


Wild Block utilizing distributed ledger technologies for dApps (decentralized applications) building elaborating a practical use of blockchain with focus on mass adoption by breaking the entry barrier via end-user education and gamification.

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