HyperDragons Upgrade Their Battlefield Arena!

The long-awaited HyperDragons Arena 2.0 has finally been released. This arena revision has reduced the registration fee to 0.005eth and increased the maximum number of participants. The reward for 1st-4th will be in Ethereum. Players who missed the semi-finals can also get DST rewards.

Key points:

1. The maximum number of participants has been changed from 32 to 2048

2. The minimum number of participants is 32

3. Registration has a time limit, and each competition only opens up two hours of registration

4. The Arena match will open after registration is closed

5. The Arena match charges registration fee of 0.005 ETH/person

6. One wallet address can only register for one dragon

7. If there is odd number of participants and your dragon happen to not have an opponent in the first round, then your dragon will automatically proceed to the next stage

Game registration opening rule

1. Arena match opens up three times per day, there will be count down notification in the Arena match page

2. The competitions are independent of each other. If the previous game is not over, the second game can still open

3. The system will first open the game of bronze, silver and then gold.

The game mode is still a knockout system. When a dragon wins a medal (first to fourth place), it will have a cooldown and cannot sign up for the competition. Every time you win a medal, the time required for the dragon to recover will increase. When the same dragon gets 10 trophies, they can’t continue to participate in the competition.

The competition between the dragons takes a turn-based system and dragons are grouped randomly. There are three main attributes that affect the fighting strength of the dragons.

HP (blood volume) — Each dragon has a different amount of blood (the amount of blood is hidden, the player can’t see it). The 0 generation dragon has the lowest blood volume, most of which is in the range of 100 to 120. The higher the dragon’s generation, the higher the dragon’s blood volume.

Skills — Skills have a great influence on the arena performance. Dragons with advanced skills can output tons of damage in the arena.

Basic skills: Damage is between 14 and 30, including collision, wag tail, bite, step, claw, fire attack

Intermediate skill: The damage is between 30~50, including Fog Attack, Cranium Kick, shadow attack, Squeeze Kill, Fatal Bash

Advanced skills: damage between 50 and 60, including bloody slaughter, meteor shower, Doom Storm, Apocalypto

Personality attributes — personality labeled in green color will enhance the dragon attack ability in Arena match

Bonus system

ETH Reward — Players in the top 4 of the competition can get the corresponding ETH bonus. The bonus amount is not a fixed amount. Instead, a part of the total registration fee of this competition is taken as the ranking reward. The ETH reward will be directly distributed to the wallet address corresponding to the winning dragon.

Dragon Series Token (DST) Reward — Players in the top 32 of the competition can get DST reward from the prize pool according to their ranking. The reward amount is related to the ranking.

Example: rewards for a game with 32 participants

The ETH fee of forecasting, selling, renting and winning the game is automatically processed by smart contract; there will usually be processing time involved.

Players can find transaction record of the personal wallet address at

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