How GamerToken Differs from its Competitors.

We offer players unique functionality with rewarded-item design and rare item control; we’re already integrating with huge game publishers; we’re community driven; we have a team of passionate gaming experts and crypto-pioneer advisors; we have fully functional demos; and we make a great cup of coffee.

Several blockchain-based projects are aiming to improve the gaming market. GamerToken is taking a different approach to many of our industry peers. We’re creating a developer-supported marketplace guided by industry veterans who understand gamers’ needs, preferences, and concerns. We’re building an ecosystem that will both run in parallel with existing communities and in-game economies and enhance them. Gaming is part of our DNA — we want to help gamers benefit from blockchain technology in the most user-friendly way possible.

One of the most distinct aspects of GamerToken is the way we enable players to earn rewards — not only as tokens for in-game achievements, but for helping developers design new assets. The Designer’s Corner is where developers and gamers will be rewarded for skin designs, map designs, and other community-oriented crowdsourcing. Community members will be able to stake GamerToken to enter design contests where they can earn rewards and participate in the shaping of content for their favourite games.

The team is already integrating the GamerToken ecosystem on top of existing in-game economies — opening new revenue streams without disturbing existing monetization. Our partnership with the Gamigo Group is an exciting first step. It’s providing a multimillion-player community of passionate gamers with the ability to start trading and designing items on our marketplace. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be announcing other notable developers and publishers who’ll be joining our ecosystem too.

We hit an unprecedented milestone when we launched our working prototypes, which are live and fully functional. Community members have much more than just an idea or a roadmap to get behind. They can experience our vision in the form of a playable demo-version of our first crypto-integrated game — Gamigo’s Fiesta Online. This demo is freely available on our website, users can earn demo tokens for creating characters, slaying monsters, and completing quests.

The GamerToken Prototypes

Users can also test-out buying and selling tokenized items in the demo of our GamerToken Marketplace. When it’s fully launched, users will have enhanced ownership and 100% control of the valuable items in their wallets. Using our API, our developer partners will be able to issue rare items, such as legendary skins, in limited quantities. Turning rare items into non-fungible ERC-721 powered tokens makes their value dependent on their unique history and digital scarcity. By offering this mechanism for verifiability, we’ll empower players with ensured, and verifiable rarity in an ecosystem that is currently awash with fraud and uncertainty.

As the GamerToken dream continues to become reality, these elements will no-doubt be expanded with further exclusive functionality. As it stands, our non-fungibles, marketplace, Designer’s Corner, developer/community-friendly platform, Gamigo partnership; and working demos means that GamerToken is uniquely placed to lead the in-game-item industry to the blockchain-based future it deserves. We’re confident that we have the ideas, the resources, the expertise, the team, the advisors, and the vision to make GamerToken the unifying gaming ecosystem.

Visit, where you can discover more about our project and partnerships, read our whitepaper, and test our playable demos. Don’t forget to follow our social media channels to make sure you don’t miss any GamerToken updates!






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Written by GamerToken

GamerToken creates a global marketplace for buying and selling unique in-game items on the blockchain. Gamers can finally earn meaningful rewards for in-game activities within a developer-friendly ecosystem.

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